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What they needed was a country big enough for their dreams.
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Length: 140 Minute(s)
A young man (Cruise) leaves Ireland with his landlord's daughter (Kidman) after some trouble with her father, and they dream of owning land at the big giveaway in Oklahoma ca. 1893. When they get to the new land, they find jobs and begin saving money. The man becomes a local barehands boxer, and rides in glory until he is beaten, then his employers steal all the couple's money and they must fight off starvation in the winter, and try to keep their dream of owning land alive. Meanwhile, the woman's parents find out where she has gone and have come to America to find her and take her back.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A man is seen nude on a bed except for a bowl on his pubic area. A woman creeps up and lifts the bowl a few times, looking surprised. A woman spies on a man wearing underwear, which comes down several times as he crouches down, revealing the top of his buttocks. On their arrival to America, the main characters are lodged at a brothel. Some sounds of sexual intercourse can be heard. A man and a woman kiss a few times, and in one instance, the man caresses the woman's chest.
violence There are several scenes of bare knuckle fist fighting, with some people sprayed with blood from the fight The main character is brutally beaten in one of the fights and the girl is slapped in the face and taken away. The man is later seen with a black eye, and is further beaten by his peers for loosing. A woman stabs a man with a pitchfork. A man is shot by two other men, blood sprays out of his body and he falls, dead, to the ground. A woman is shot, but survives. A man tries to shoot another, but the gun back fires on himself. Two men fight and try to shoot each other. A man is injured when he falls down. He knocks his head on a rock, and blood is seen all over it.
profanity 9 uses of Hell, 4 uses of Piss, 3 uses of Damn, 3 uses of Ass, 2 uses of Son-of-a-bitch, 22 uses of God (all types of uses), 3 uses of Bastard, 1 use of Shit, 2 uses of Jesus, 1 use of Lord, 1 use of Good Lord Jesus, 1 use of Goddam, 1 use of Sweet Mary Jesus, and "Shoot himself in the balls" was also used once.
alcohol There are frequent scenes when men and women get drunk, fall down and act irrationally. Some smoking scenes.
frightening There are some upsetting scenes near the end and in the middle of the film, but nothing extreme.

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