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Detective John Hobbes is searching for a criminal he's already met... already caught... and already killed

Jan 16,1998

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Crime | Fantasy | Thriller

Ratings: 6.5 / 10 from

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Length: 124 Minute(s)
Homicide detective John Hobbes witnesses the execution of serial killer Edgar Reese. Soon after the execution the killings start again, and they are very similar to Reese's style.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity While a man urinates we see his buttocks very briefly.
violence Not too much gore just a guy after being executed sort has liquid coming out of his mouth and a few hints of blood. Violence consists of several people being shot, stabbed with syringes, and two end up twisted in bath tubs. A spirit/guy tries going after a lady which leads to a long chase scene. Some other scenes include arguing. Several scenes of strong realistic violence.
profanity About 17 uses of "f--k", a couple of uses of "bitch"
alcohol Occasional smoking and drinking (like at bars) is present. Nothing compulsive.
frightening Strong psychological and almost horror violence throughout.

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