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Cruise. Kidman. Kubrick.

Jul 14,1999

Hollywood Movies | Drama

Ratings: 6.8 / 10 from

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Length: 159 Minute(s)
After Dr. Bill Hartford's wife, Alice, admits to having sexual fantasies about a man she met, Bill becomes obsessed with having a sexual encounter. He discovers an underground sexual group and attends one of their meetings -- and quickly discovers that he is in over his head.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 10/10 Please note that the explicit sex scenes are not meant to titillate or arouse; love scenes are actually quite devoid of love, as there is very little moaning and essentially no intimacy. Scenes with sexual content or nudity are often accompanied by an eerie score and/or atmosphere. Despite the strong sexual content throughout and graphic nudity at times, the material is presented in an artful form, showing the negative side to lust with no intention of humor or raunch, but instead providing a disturbing and creepy atmosphere. The sexual activity in most scenes is obscured by objects or people. Most sexual activity in the orgy scene is in the background, as the viewer watches Tom Cruise's character walk through the party. Many explicit sex scenes are depicted. A private party has several moments involving orgy scenes (in the American version, explicit sex is obscured by digital means), including continuous full-frontal female nudity and several other instances of naked men. Other strong sex scenes involving male/female, male/male, and female/female that include rough sex and thrusting are shown (explicit sexual activity is obscured in the American version). During the above mentioned party, much nudity is shown. For example, early in the party, twelve women in a circle all disrobe and are wearing only masks and thongs, their breasts clearly visible. The women then walk to men, "kiss" them (basically touching masks), and escort them out of the main room. They are shown walking around in only the mask and thong. In the orgy scene, many woman are shown fully naked and in sexual situations; full frontal female nudity is often shown, all with masks on. As mentioned elsewhere, in the American version all direct intercourse in the party is blocked by a person standing in the way. There is also a very brief scene with couples slow-dancing where at least one member of each couple is naked, sometimes both. There are depictions of full-frontal female nudity (more prevalent) and male nudity (mostly from behind, but some full-frontal). A store owner's daughter (possibly a minor) is prostituted out to older men (no nudity, but sex is strongly suggested). This is shown across two scenes: in the first, the store owner discovers the girl with the two Asian men, all three in underwear; It may be important to note the men are wearing makeup, or are in drag. In the second scene, the three are shown exiting a back room, implying that they have had sex. A woman undresses in front of a mirror. Full-frontal nudity is shown in the mirror, but it is blurry and brief. A woman is shown unconscious on a couch after a drug overdose, full-frontal nudity shown briefly. A doctor examines a female patient. Her breasts are clearly visible. There are three brief sex scenes with the Kidman character shown as black and white flashbacks by the Cruise character, with nothing explicit shown. A woman discusses how another woman is HIV positive. There are two scenes where Tom Cruise's character visits a prostitute. In the first, they end up not having sex, though it is discussed. In the second scene, her roommate is there and Cruise opens her top and feels her breasts, though no nudity is shown. A scene shows a dead woman in a morgue; her naked body is shown.
violence 3/10 A gang throws a man against the hood of a car, insulting him. A corpse is shown in one scene in a morgue (no decomposition; she was recently deceased). It is strongly implied that she was murdered, though no violence is shown.
profanity 5/10 20 f-words (11 uses are sexual), three derogatory terms for homosexuals, and some other milder language. 3 uses of hell.
alcohol 5/10 A man and woman smoke marijuana, with the woman rolling cigarettes and the two shown in an intoxicated state. Two men drink in a bar. A junkie is said to have died of a drug overdose, but this is left to the viewer's interpretation of the film. Refreneces to cocaine, heroin, and "speedballs" (a combination of heroin and cocaine).
frightening 8/10 The masked orgy scene described above is very intense, surreal, and even somewhat disturbing. This is because the participants wear masks which are very creepy and proceed to an orgy sequence which makes sex very dehumanized. One character is followed, watched, and spied on throughout the dark and nearly abandoned streets of New York City. There is some very creepy piano music that plays during tense moments in the film. Most of the film has a mysterious, surreal atmosphere. 31/50 - Eyes Wide Shut is designed to be viewed by mature viewers, not only because of the sex scenes, but because of the philosophical meaning and complexity behind the film. (regardless of watching the R-rated or uncut version of the film, although the uncut is more explicit). Rated NC-17 for Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Nudity, Drug-Related Material, and Language

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