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Don't hope for a miracle. Make one.

Jan 21,2010

Hollywood Movies | Drama

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Length: 105 Minute(s)
Working-class father John Crowley is finally on the fast track to corporate success when his two young children, Megan and Patrick, are diagnosed with Pompe disease - a condition that prevents the body from breaking down sugar. With the support of his wife, Aileen, John ditches his career and teams with unconventional specialist Dr. Robert Stonehill to found a bio-tech company and develop a cure in time to save the lives of Megan and Patrick. As Dr. Stonehill works tirelessly to prove the theories that made him the black sheep of the medical community, a powerful bond is forged between the two unlikely allies.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity John and Aileen engage in a late-night interlude. (We see Aileen loosening John's tie.) The next morning, a nurse walks into the Crowley house and discovers the partly clothed pair on the couch. Aileen, in a negligee, introduces John to the nurse as her husband as John hurriedly tries to pull on his pants. "Glad to hear it," the nurse says.
violence A security guard points a gun at an intruder. Frustrated, Stonehill throws binders and piles of paper. John injures his hand on a window ledge. (He washes the bleeding wound in a sink.)
profanity About a dozen s-words. Sporadically used, a collection of other curse words includes "Hell," "Damn," "Asshole" and "Bitch." God's name is misused eight or 10 times; it's paired with "Damn" once. Jesus' name is abused a half-dozen times.
alcohol We see Stonehill with a lit cigarette in his hand and an open bottle of beer on a nearby table. He and John meet to talk in a bar. Glasses of wine are seen at a dinner get-together.
frightening Dr. Robert Stonehill is very intense and yells a lot, very loudly. It might scare younger kids. The two Crowley kids, who are afflicted with Pompe disease, are seen in wheelchairs and hooked up to machines a lot of the time. The young daughter, Megan, is hospitalized early in the movie and nearly flatlines in one scene. The doctors call a frantic "code blue" and attempt to revive her. They succeed, but the parents are seen very upset and crying as they watch this unfold.

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