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Desire. Defy. Escape.

Jul 31,1998

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy | Romance

Ratings: 6.8 / 10 from

229  users

Length: 121 Minute(s)


A unique 16th century woman, Danielle possesses a love of books, and can easily quote from Sir Thomas More’s Utopia. An intriguing mix of tomboyish athleticism and physical beauty, she has more than enough charm to capture the heart of a prince ... after beaning him with an apple.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A few kissing scenes. Some of the female characters wear cleavage revealing clothes. Henry's pants are extremely skin tight in a scene. A few mild sexual references.
violence A young woman punches the face of another young woman. They chase each other around the house. A character is seen with a black eye. A young woman is seen with whip marks on her back. A man tries to attack a woman and she defends herself by turning on him with a sword and knife. She cuts his face.
profanity Leonardo da Vinci exclaims "Horse sh-t!" One use of the word "damn", one "hell"
alcohol Nothing.
frightening Mr. La Pieu tries to assault Danielle, and this may be triggering to rape/assault victims. She then defends herself with a sword and knife.

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