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Jun 09,2007

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Romance

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Length: 130 Minute(s)
As Constance (Natasha Richardson) and Nina (Toni Collette) gather at the deathbed of their mother, Ann (Vanessa Redgrave), they learn for the first time that their mother lived an entire other lifetime during one evening 50 years ago. In vivid flashbacks, the young Ann (Claire Daines) spends one night with a man named Harris (Patrick Wilson), who was the love of her life.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity - Several scenes of passionate kissing - A man leads a woman into a shack where she takes off his shirt and undershirt and they start kissing passionately. The scene ends there, but we later see them post-sex under a blanket (no nudity). - From the distance we see a man from the back (apparently fully nude) jump off a cliff. - A man, obviously intoxicated, very briefly kisses another man (apparently on accident)
violence A man's face is bloody after a car accident.
profanity One "f" word. Otherwise very mild.
alcohol One of the main characters is constantly intoxicated. There is brief smoking among men, with the female main character trying a few puffs of a cigarette before discarding it.
frightening SPOILER: An intoxicated man is hit by a car and we later see his contorted body as his friends find him. The scene leading up to the car crash can be intense and very emotional. We later learn that the man has died (though the actual death is off-camera), with his family very upset and his mother collapsing to the floor and screaming.

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