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No actual Europeans were harmed in the making of this film.

Feb 20,2004

Hollywood Movies | Comedy

Ratings: 6.4 / 10 from

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Length: 93 Minute(s)
When Scott learns that his longtime cyber-buddy from Berlin is a gorgeous young woman, he and his friends embark on a trip across Europe.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 9/10 Jenny flashes her boobs and bra at incoming drivers to get a ride. She is seen to be shirtless, but no nudity. In a deleted scene, the director caputures a shot of her boobs clearly visible. Jenny wears a TIGHT blue bikini at the beach. The camera does a full body exam of her outfit and you can see her boobs popping through the bra while much of her boobs/body is visible. Torso shown, and genitalia shown through panties. Nudity is shown on a beach, woman and men are naked, you see penises and some breasts (Quick and brief, but noticable). Naked men (you see penises) get chased by a mob through the street, the public look and laugh at "the size". Nudity is from females breasts in some pictures (they are drunk in pictures). A creepy-looking Italian man gropes a young man as the train they are on goes through many dark tunnels. A woman pukes over a man while he's driving, and her head is in his lap, the man makes rude noises even though nothing sexual is happening (he says some refrences like, "Oh, that feels nasty. get off it" (meaning lap). Numerous Sex scenes. One taking place in a confession booth in the Vatican. Both man and woman are naked and woman's breasts are visible. It is implied that she does oral sex for him. An old lady comes for confession and when she hears strange noises, she tries to peer down inside. A view of female buttocks comes in picture and the buttocks are banging against the glass implying intercourse with loud moaning from the woman. The song "Scotty Doesn't Know" is about the singer bragging about having sex with Scott's girlfriend Fiona. When singing the song Fiona and the singer look like they are grinding. In one scene a girl in a bikini has beach full of naked men ogling her. Then all the men start to chase after her. Three women are topless and one of them is sitting in a small pool. Her breasts and nipples are visible. When a man jumps in the pool, she tries to cover her boobs with her hands and move out. He tells her that she should remove a "something on you" and then he motions towards one of her boob. This makes her reveal her full boobs to him. He asks her to rub under her nipple. Later she pinches her boob and nipple on his advice. A woman becomes topless in front of a man. Her boobs and nipples are visible. A boy visits the prostitutes. There are several women with naked breasts A boy and a woman kiss wildly in alley. Later she goes down on him and it is suggested that she gives him oral sex. No nudity is visible. A woman watches a pornographic movie in which two topless women are fondling each others boobs. A man and woman kiss wildly in a dance bar. They are furiously french kissing each other.
violence 1/10 Lots of comical violence, no blood or serious injuries but violence is more frequent than swearing. Bottles getting smashed on people's heads and some groin kicks.
profanity 6/10 12 F-words, 2 obscene hand gestures, 7 sexual references, religious profanites. In one scene, a man swears one after the other, that scene has 6 swear words, the rest are spread throughout the film seperately.
alcohol 4/10 Drinking is frequent. Drugs are refrenced. Absinthe is used by the characters. One character sees a hallucination of a green fairy after drinking Absinthe. A brother and sister make out after drinking Absinthe.
frightening 0/10 None.

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