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She brought a small town to its feet and a huge corporation to its knees.

Mar 13,2000

Hollywood Movies | Drama

Ratings: 6.9 / 10 from

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Length: 131 Minute(s)
A twice-divorced mother of three who sees an injustice, takes on the bad guy and wins -- with a little help from her push-up bra. Erin goes to work for an attorney and comes across medical records describing illnesses clustered in one nearby town. She starts investigating and soon exposes a monumental cover-up.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Cleavage is shown through out the movie After George offers Erin to watch over her children, she tells him: "This isn't going to get you laid." A couple kiss and are shown semi-clothed in the following scene so sex is clearly implied - the woman's shirt is unbuttoned with bra exposed and the man is topless. Nothing more is shown. Erin jokes that she had been doing "sexual favors: six hundred and thirty-four blow jobs in five days".
violence Erin gets into a car crash early in the film, but nothing is shown except for the cast on her neck.
profanity Goddamn - 15 | Ass - 8 | Bitch - 2 | 'Bullshit - 18 | Fuck - 26 (1 implied) The term 'blowjob' is used once towards the end of the movie though in a sarcastic (no literal) manner.
alcohol There is a short scene of Erin smoking in the beginning, and later on near the end of the movie she goes to a bar where a few people are drinking. A woman mentions that she had been smoking marijuana in the past.
frightening Erin is worried that her children are missing; moments later, they are shown being cared by her neighbor. Erin receives a threatening anonymous phone call, and George tries to persuade her to abandon the case. This is a "soft R" film, as the main reason for the film's rating is the language.

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