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Aug 08,2008

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Romance

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Length: 112 Minute(s)
Cultural critic David Kepesh finds his life -- which he indicates is a state of "emancipated manhood" -- thrown into tragic disarray by Consuela Castillo, a well-mannered student who awakens a sense of sexual possessiveness in her teacher.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Consuela's breasts are shown throughout in numerous sex scenes which involve thrusting and kissing. One scene where Consuela is laying down completely naked on a bed; we see her bare buttocks clearly and her boobs from the side. There is a scene with men in a steam room with towls around their waists, but no nudity. A dying man kisses his wife and his friend on the lips.
violence None.
profanity Several uses of the f word and other mild profanities.
frightening A woman tells a man that she has breast cancer and she later has her breast amputated, but nothing is shown.

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