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Edtv (1999)

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Fame. Be careful. It's out there.

Mar 26,1999

Hollywood Movies | Comedy

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Video store clerk Ed agrees to have his life filmed by a camera crew for a tv network.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity There is no graphic nudity in this movie. However, there is sexually suggestive situations in this movie. Multiple parts showing Ed and Jill making out and lots of scenes where he kisses Shari. [~29:50] Topless woman with skimpy panties, back facing camera. Possibly see some of the side of the breast. In one crucial part, Ed apologizes to Shari for Ray cheating on her. She then tells the camera that Ray is a "bad lay", meaning that he is bad in bed. Through dialogue, Ed finds out that his mother had sex with the father, before he died. Away from the cameras, Ed & Shari make out and she takes off her shirt, implying that she is topless. Nothing is actually shown, since it only shows her arms up. Before anything can sexually progress, the camera catch up with them. Jill's erotic nature intrigues Ed. There is a scene where the audience knows he's going to engage in sexual activities with her. He drives to her apartment, but before Ed can park his car, a cop tells him, "Save your strength", knowing that he is going to get laid and will get others to park his car. Once Ed gets to her place, they make out on her table but before anything can occur, he falls and lands on her grey cat. In the ending, Ed asks the audience to expose an executive for their most embarrassing moment. Cynthia anonymously calls Ed, as he takes notes. Finally, Ed is convinced it is the winner and begins talking about penile implants, inferring that the person is Mr. Whitaker, but before he can say anything, the executives pull the plug on the show.
violence None.
profanity Milder use of language like "damn", "crap", "asshole", "bitch", and "shit". Other dirty words that can be considered profanity like "schmuck", "dick", "shtick". Towards the end, Cynthia flips off the executives, while attempting to quit her job.
alcohol There are bar scenes, where people are shown drinking alcohol. Ed wears a necklace that holds a beer bottle in a container. Cynthia holds unlit and lit cigarettes in a few brief scenes, but is never actually seen smoking. This aspect of the film is really mild and has nothing too severe.
frightening There is nothing "frightening", but there are a few scenes throughout that movie that people would consider to be moderately "intense". A rivalry start between Ed and Ray, since it is a simple love triangle with Shari. The stressful relationship that Ed has with his mother may upset certain viewers. After Hank's funeral, Ed tells his step-dad, that he is his real father. This part is very intense, from an emotional standpoint.

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