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A film that will make you sigh...cry...and still feel good all over.

Feb 06,1976

Hollywood Movies | Drama

Ratings: 5.8 / 10 from

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Length: 99 Minute(s)
A young girl with a terminal heart condition plans to celebrate her 12th birthday on one last summer holiday with her parents in Nova Scotia.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity No nudity. The words "sex", "obstetrician", "sexy" and similar words are said a few times, but it's a TV film so the language is limited. Dierdre's parents say that they have to "behave" (not have sex) for reasons revolving around Dierdre's illness. Two kids lie on the beach holding hands, but it's an innocent scene, except for when Philip says "I wanna keep my clothes on" and "I hope sex is as nice as this!". Eugene stands over Ruth in bed, implying that they're about to have sex, but at the last minute he leaves. A boy tells a girl dressed like an old woman that she looks sexy. Dierdre lies in bed with her shirt partially unbuttoned so a doctor can listen to her heart. Dierdre tells her mom that it'd be nice to be 25 and have a secret fling with a married man.
violence Some verbal arguing, but no real physical violence. After dancing at night, Dierdre collapses and nearly has a heart attack. Dierdre is rather rude and condescending to Philip at first, but they soon become really good friends.
profanity Some religious exclamations (God, oh god, sweet Jesus, etc.) Some sexual phrases (see 'Sex and Nudity'^) "Fat bitch" is said. "Damn" is said. Eugene and Ruth dress up as stereotypical Asians for Dierdre's birthday play, with exaggerated slanted eyes and fake accents.
alcohol Philip mentions that his parents drink and largely ignore him most of the time. Bottles from likely wine are seen in the background. cigarettes are seen once or twice. No drugs. Dierdre takes pills, but it's because she has a heart disease.
frightening The film deals with the topi of a young girl dying, to which her best friend and parents are already experiencing grief over. This might upset some viewers. The scene where Dierdre collapses might frighten some viewers. Sara's sudden insistence on hard-core religion might offend/bother some viewers. The ending scene is moving but very depressing.

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