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There are no clean getaways.

Jan 10,2011

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Action | Crime | Thriller

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Length: 100 Minute(s)
A mysterious Hollywood stuntman who moonlights as a getaway driver seems to be trying to escape his shady past – until he falls for his neighbor, whose husband is in prison and who's looking after her child alone.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A prolonged scene takes place backstage at a strip club displaying a couple of women topless.
violence We see a man partly covered in blood with a few cuts for 5 or 6 seconds after being presumably beaten. A man has his head bashed against a wall twice and his face kicked once (we see his nose a bit bloody for a split-second). His head is then stomped on 15 times offscreen. For a split-second, we see a foot on his split-open face with some blood splattered next to it. The attacker's jacket remains partly covered with blood for most of the movie after. A man is shot in the neck. He covers it and some blood leaks down. He is then shot down a few times in the back with exit wounds in his chest. A man has a fork stabbed into his eye. He is then stabbed three times in the throat with a large knife. We see blood pour out for a second or two. An attacker is punched twice in the face, then stabbed in the neck with a curtain rod. We see blood leaking out his mouth and then cascading down his shirt for half a second. We then see the attacker's mostly blood-covered face for about 9 seconds. Another attacker is shot dead offscreen. A man is stabbed in the stomach; he stabs the attacker/villain in the throat. We see the former's jacket and shoes a little blood-soaked shortly. A woman is shot dead with a shotgun blast to the head. Her scalp graphically tears off with blood spraying everywhere in slow motion for one second. Bits of shrapnel are picked out of a man's somewhat blood-soaked upper arm for a few seconds. A man's hand is smashed a few times with a hammer. His mouth is then pried open with the hammer, and a bullet is shoved into his mouth. A man's arm is deeply slit, blood squirts out and soaks it for a second. He then lies in a puddle of blood. A car is knocked off a ledge. A man emerges with some blood on his face. We then see him from a distance getting chased to an ocean and strangled under water.
profanity 20 uses of 'fuck,' 6 uses of 'shit,' 2 uses of 'pussy,' one use of 'kike,' one of 'whore,' one use of 'chink,' and one instance of the middle finger.
alcohol There are several instances of smoking and one instance of social drinking. A character offers the main character caffeine, nicotine, Benzedrine, and amphetamine to help him stay awake. However, he refuses all of them.
frightening The eye-stabbing, the hand-smashing, and the stabbing near the end are all intense. The elevator scene is shocking. Ambient music plays throughout the movie, which can be hypnotic at first, but startling whenever violence occurs afterward. MPAA/USA - Rated R for strong brutal, bloody violence, language, and some nudity. BBFC/UK - Rated 18 (strong gory violence).

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