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Dr. Giggles (1992)

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The Doctor is out... of his mind.
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In 1957, Evan Rendell flees after his father is lynched for killing multiple patients in his effort to find a replacement heart for his ailing wife. After 35 years, Evan escapes from a mental institution and returns to town for revenge, killing off residents one by one. When Jennifer and her friends break into the Rendell house out of morbid curiosity, Evan notices Jennifer has a heart condition similar to his mother and decides to make her his final victim.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity There is an implied sexual relationship or affair between a nurse and a doctor. Many couples kiss. A girl wears a low cut top. A rubs her hand down a boys waist and ends on his crotch. A girl tells a boy that she'll change into a sexy nightie if he wears the condom she gives him. There is a nude female corpse (See Violence & Gore for more details.) A man and a woman are heard from outside their bedroom having very loud sex
violence This is a very violent movie The opening credits show the inside of a human body with computer animation A man is operated on and dies (offscreen) The killer holds up a victim's two cut-off arms onscreen A man has his throat slashed A woman gets a device shoved up her nose into her head A couple get a lethal injection- her death is offscreen, he is stabbed with a needle offscreen but is shown spitting up frothy red blood A girl gets a thermometer with a blade on the tip shoved through her mouth and into her head (offscreen) A man is castrated- the cutting is offscreen but we see an overhead shot of him dead on a bed and the white sheets stain red with blood A man is shot and drips blood A man is attacked with a skull saw and bleeds from his torso A man gets stabbed in the back of the head with a scalpel A little boy crawls out the body of his dead mother A man is electrocuted and then stabbed A woman has a vacuum device shoved down her throat forcing her to regergitate the ice cream she ate and some blood
alcohol A girl is told by her doctor that she mustn't drink alcohol - she drinks an entire bottle of wine Several young people are holding and drinking alcoholic beverages in a park at night
frightening Being that this is a horror movie, there are some frightening moments. Many include suspensful chases, and jump scares. One particularly grotesque scene shows a naked child who's been sewn into a corpse bursting through its belly

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