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Length: 110 Minute(s)
In the film that launched the James Bond saga, Agent 007 (Sean Connery) battles mysterious Dr. No, a scientific genius bent on destroying the U.S. space program. As the countdown to disaster begins, Bond must go to Jamaica, where he encounters beautiful Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress), to confront a megalomaniacal villain in his massive island headquarters.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity After a flirtatious conversation at a gathering, James Bond finds Sylvia Trench nude wearing a robe in his bedroom. Both standing up, they kiss and Bond moves his hands up and down her body. James Bond and Ms. Taro have sex, they are both seen lying in bed but there is no nudity. Honey Ryder is first introduced on a beach in a revealing white bikini. Moments later we see her wearing a cream colored blouse tied in front at the waist but braless. The shape of her erect nipples can be seen through the blouse fabric, in other parts of the film, we see her nude through a foggy shower screen side angle, we see her bare back as she holds an article of clothing on her breasts, and she and Bond sensually embrace each other in a boat at the climax of the film There is dialogue about the rape of a female character.
violence Commander Strangways is shot multiple times by 3 different people, though no blood or bullet holes is shown, only him jolting as he is shot. When Dr. No's henchmen invade Commander Stangways' station house, his female partner is shot through a window and you see her lying on the floor with a bloody bullet hole in her back, when she is turned over blood can be seen in several places on her blouse although the blood seen is unrealistically colored and seems artificial. There are several bare fisted fights with some blood shown. There are several points where people are threatened with guns. A man commits suicide by poisoning himself with cyanide in a cigarette, though not much is shown. A photographer breaks a flash bulb and cuts Quarrell down the side of his face with it. Quarrell merely wipes off the blood and shows no evidence of suffering pain. Bond wakes up in the middle of the night to find a tarantula in his bed. When the tarantula crawls onto Bond's pillow, Bond throws the pillow onto the ground and hits the tarantula five times on the opposite side of the bed from the camera, killing it. However, the camera does not directly show the spider as it is being hit and killed. Bond shoots Professor Dent in cold blood, who rather violently falls off his chair and onto the floor. He shoots him again when he is on the floor and his body judders. No blood or bullet holes are shown. It is erroneously indicated in some online sources that Bond shoots the man 6 times; this was apparently the original intent of the scene, but it was reduced to 2 shots in the final edit. TV showings usually only show Bond shooting once. This scene is out of character for the Bond film series and as such is potentially disturbing to younger viewers more familiar with the light-hearted later Bond films. A boat machine-guns a beach where Bond and 2 others are hiding though no one is shot. Bond sneaks up behind a man with a knife and grabs him. It is implied that the man is stabbed to death, although the camera cuts away before Bond stabs the man and soon cuts back to Bond letting the body sink into the water. No blood is shown. Honey Ryder describes being raped, although in subtle terms. She then talks of killing the man who raped her by hiding a black widow spider in his sleeping net. She notes that it took him a whole week to die. Bond and Quarrel shoot at a large tank-like vehicle with a flamethrower, painted to look like a dragon. Quarrel is hit by a flamethrower. We see him get burnt for a few seconds at a medium distance, and hear his screams of pain for a short time, the scene is very dark with poor visibility, though no more is shown. Dr. No orders his men to torture Bond. They hit him repeatedly while a woman watches, but the more brutal torture happens off screen. We hear him grunting and crying out in pain and the baddie remains oblivious. We later see the man bloodied, bruised and his clothes ripped after the beatings and torture. Bond chokes one man to death from behind, though there is a translucent screen blocking the view, so no detail is seen. It is implied that he is either dead or unconscious. Bond pushes and punches several people over the railings/banisters and they land painfully several meters below and are implied to either be injured or dead. Dr. No has a metal hand and brutally hits Bond with it, showing no remorse. Dr. No falls into a boiling pool of heavy water, and there is an uncut scene of him slowly going under and dying. The last that we see is his metal hand grabbing on to a post after he is dead. Can be disturbing for younger children. It is implied that Dr. No is going to drown a woman to death, though Bond saves her. A few large, fiery explosions 4/10
profanity A use of "hell" and a few uses of "damn".
alcohol Lots of people are seen smoking, including Bond himself. Bond's driver himself with a cyanide-embedded cigarette. There is a party scene where lots of people are drinking. Bond has several vodka martinis (a theme that runs throughout the Bond films). Bond and Honey Ryder drink coffee that is drugged. 3/10
frightening Bond wakes up to find a tarantula crawling up his arm. He knocks it off and kills it with his shoe. Very tense. Several deaths. 11+

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