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Down with Love (2003)

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The ultimate catch has met his match
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Length: 101 Minute(s)
Aaaah... it's New York City in 1962, and love is blooming between a journalist and a feminist advice author, who's falling head over heels despite her beau's playboy lifestyle. An homage to the early 1960s sex comedies that starred Rock Hudson and Doris Day. The story follows a best-selling female advice author who has all the answers until a sly journalist playboy starts asking the questions.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Many sexual innuendos and double entendres One scene shows a man and woman talking on the phone while exercising. It's a split screen, and their movements make it look like they're performing sexual acts on each other. Catcher Block has many sexual partners, who often show up. One woman walks around topless, her hair covers her breasts completely. One long scene where two men are talking about sock sizes and a woman overhears them and thinks they're talking about penis sizes. A woman walks in on a man and woman at a party (fully clothed)
violence A woman punches a man and slaps another man. Someone hits another person with a book.
profanity Hardly any, one use of the word 'Bitch" and one use of the word "Bastard"
alcohol Lots of smoking and drinking. In one scene an elevator is completely filled with smoke from a cigarette, it's actually coming out under the door. One man says he thinks a woman may have drugged his drink.
frightening None

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