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Sep 24,1993

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy

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Length: 102 Minute(s)
The adventures of a group of Texas teens on their last day of school in 1976, centering on student Randall Floyd, who moves easily among stoners, jocks and geeks. Floyd is a star athlete, but he also likes smoking weed, which presents a conundrum when his football coach demands he sign a "no drugs" pledge.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Dazed and confused is a great coming of age story set in the 1970s. Parents should know that there is some drug content. A couple of the characters are pot-heads. The only other thing is the language which is pretty mild but can be bad at times. This should be fine for 13-14+ Some fleeting glimpses of clothed kissing and caressing. A boy briefly touches a girl's clothed breast. Several references.
violence A young man pours beer over another young man's head before punching him in the face. He responds by tackling the former to the ground and punches him in the face a few times before the fight is broken up; one of them is then seen with a slightly bloody lip and a couple of facial bruises. A few freshmen boys are spanked with wooden paddles. We see the face of one of them as his bottom is hit 5 times onscreen. Some freshman girls get partly covered with various sauces and other substances, among a few other things. Four kids in a car knock over a mailbox with a baseball bat, and a man runs after them with a gun. He then shoots at them as they drive away, but no one is hurt. An angry woman storms out of her house, shotgun in hand, and points it at a young man who is chasing and bullying her son.
profanity Around 20-30 f words as well as some milder swear words. There are several insults and slang terms, as well as a couple of homophobic expletives.
alcohol The main drug used is Marijuana though it isn't really a concern until the end. There is one instance of a teenage boy buying weed, and later the same person attempting to sell it at a party (no dialogue). Some other drugs are discussed, but no others are used with the exception of LSD once or twice. Semi-frequent use and consumption of cigarettes and alcohol. A freshman lies about his age to buy beer.

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