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In Shark Alley, courage runs deep.
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Length: 113 Minute(s)
A traumatized shark expert (Halle Berry) must battle her own fears to lead a thrill-seeking businessman on a dive into a dangerous section of water known as "Shark Alley."
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity We see a man and a woman hug and kiss briefly; the woman is wearing a bikini-top and scuba diving pants and the man is fully dressed. A man asks a woman if she is going to kiss him and she quickly kisses him on the lips. A man and a woman hold hands, the man wraps his arms around the woman, comes very close to kissing her and she pulls away. Throughout the movie we see a woman wearing a bikini. A woman asks a man to zip up her wetsuit; we see her cleavage and bikini top through the open zipper. We see a teen boy's bare chest as he pulls on his wet suit. A man makes a crude joke about women making sexual sounds "like a dolphin" when men place their genitals near a woman's "bum." A man remarks that a woman is "hot," the woman laughs and asks if he is dating someone and he implies that he is dating a teen girl. A man makes a joking remark that he looks good on camera because of his backside. A woman shows a man her backside (she is wearing diving pants) and makes a remark about her backside being attractive. A woman tells another woman that she and a man "look cute together" and the woman giggles. A woman tells a group of men and a teen boy that a shark has "essentially two penises."
violence During a very drawn-out scene after a boat capsizes, we hear a man shout that he cannot feel his legs, another man instructs him to keep kicking his legs as a shark circles them, blood fills the water as the shark attacks the man's legs, several other people in the water watch as the injured man flounders, and the shark snaps him out of the water (we see the shark fly through the air with the man in his mouth) and takes him under (it is assumed that the man is killed) as the water fills with blood; a man shakes a teen boy to keep him awake as he begins to be overcome by hypothermia, the shark circles the remaining people in the water, blood fills the water, a diver watches the shark underwater and we see the shark attack a man as he tries to punch the shark away twice, moments later the shark opens its jaws, bites the man and the water fills with blood, and a woman swimming with the man surfaces and screams for help, she goes back underwater and tries to help the injured man, but the shark grabs the man's body and drags it away leaving a trail of blood in the water. We see flashes of a shark approaching a man while swimming by himself in the ocean, we hear splashing and the man screams (it is implied that the man is attacked by an unseen shark); the man splashes in the water and seconds later he is silent, implying that he was killed by the shark. A seal attacks a woman while underwater, the woman surfaces in a panic, a man asks if she is okay, she reassures him that she is fine and goes back underwater (she is unharmed). We see a ship rocking back and forth on rough seas during a storm while a man is underwater in a shark observation cage, and we see a shark circling as the men on the boat try to start the boat, a man and a woman dive next to the shark cage as the shark circles and the rope attaching the cage to the boat breaks; the cage sinks to the bottom of the ocean, the boat capsizes when it is struck by a large wave, the crew is thrown overboard and the boat is turned upside down underwater, the two divers rescue the man from the shark observation cage, one of the crewmembers shouts as he tries to hold onto the hull of the capsized boat and the other crewmembers and one of the crewmembers shouts that he is freezing and cannot feel his body. After a shark attack a woman is pulled out of the water by a man: she pants and appears to faint moments later and we see a safety boat floating in the ocean with several people and a badly injured teen boy. Several men and a woman attempt to surface after their boat capsizes, we hear them gasping for air and two divers dive underwater to look for a missing crewmember; they find a shark circling the boat. We see a boat rapidly approaching a rocky outcropping as a man tries to steer away from the rocks and the passengers on the boat appear nervous; the boat steers away from the rocks and no one is harmed. A diver gets out of a shark cage, swims toward a shark, another diver motions for the man to get back into the cage, he touches the fin of the shark and they surface unharmed. A teen boy throws up over the side of a boat: we see the vomit leave his mouth and hit the water. A man jokingly offers a teen boy a cup of blood and chum, saying that he is welcome to drink it (the teen boy acts disgusted). We see a shark rip apart a fake rubber seal that was attached to a rope and dragged behind a boat and we see blood fill the water from a fish that had been inserted into the rubber seal. A man and a woman wrestle playfully, the man shoves his hands in the woman's face and she shouts that his hands smell disgusting. A woman playfully punches a man. A man playfully jumps onto the hood of a woman's car and puts his hand on the windshield as the woman laughs. A man shoves another man to the ground to break up a fight between the man and his teenage son and the two men shake hands after one man helps the other man up. A teen boy tells his father that the man is hurting him as he tries to shove the teen boy's foot into a wet suit; the man then tries to grab the teen boy and pull his suit on. A man shouts at a woman, he grabs her arms and shouts in her face; the man throws a wetsuit as the woman paces around, and then shouts at the man and storms away. A man holds a teen boy over the side of a boat; he almost drops the boy, making the boy think that a shark was about to attack him while a group of men on the boat laugh. A man and a woman shout at one another, the woman shoves past the man and storms away and the man approaches the woman saying, "Push me again." A diver shouts at another diver for getting out of a shark cage and throws a cell phone on the ground. A woman screams, as if she was falling off a ship and we see a man shout in panic until the woman laughs as she steadies herself and a man films her; she laughs as the men on the boat remark that they were worried about her. A woman switches off a radio as another woman listens and we hear that a shark had killed a teen boy. A woman and an older woman embrace, and the woman apologizes to the older woman, saying that she feels bad because her husband had died due to her risky actions while diving. A man tells a woman that he had a friend that died while they were hiking Everest and remarks that "He's still there." A teen boy asks a woman if she is scared that sharks will "mistake her for food"; the woman ignores him and dives into the water. A woman tells a man that she and a boat do not feed sharks and the man tells several other people that they should tease a shark because torturing sharks is "not in the Geneva convention." A woman instructs a man that if a shark approaches him he needs to "punch it in the snout." A teen boy holds up a spear, asking a man what it is for and the man tells the teen boy that it is in case something happens while they are diving. A woman warns a man that sharks are in mating season and they are more likely to be bitten by a shark. A woman narrates a film that she is a "free form" shark diver and has only had fifteen stitches, since a man will "watch her back" as a safety. A boy asks a woman if sharks eat penguins and the woman confirms that they do. A man remarks to a woman that he wants to "retire safely" and not dive during a hurricane. A woman's voice over explains that her father had warned her to be careful of things she loves, because they could "also destroy you." A man jokes that a woman is the only person who "lives to tell the tale" of swimming with sharks. A woman jokes with and older woman that she will have to "bury her under a flower bush." A woman tells a man, a woman and a boy that seals typically do not make it to their first birthday. A man jokes with a teen boy, saying that the boats "only hit the dumb ones" when it comes to dolphins. A man jokes with his son that the sound of seals barking sounds are like the son's mother "on the loo."
profanity At least 1 F-word, 1 sexual reference, 16 scatological terms, 13 anatomical terms, 3 mild obscenities, 8 religious exclamations and exclamations (shut up.) Name-calling (silly, horrible miserable face, horrible old women with 50 cats that smells like gas, crazy, old man, half a poof, fool, jerk.)
alcohol A man offers a ship's crew cans of beer and a teen boy takes one and drinks. A man jokes that he takes out women for tap water and not champagne. A man smokes a cigarette on a boat and a woman shouts at him while trying to take the cigarette (he stubs it out.) A man smokes and another man asks for a cigarette.
frightening The sharks may frighten some young viewers. Some scenes are intense or emotional at times.

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