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Every Family Has Its Demons

May 08,2012

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Fantasy

Ratings: 5.6 / 10 from

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Length: 113 Minute(s)
Vampire Barnabas Collins is inadvertently freed from his tomb and emerges into the very changed world of 1972. He returns to Collinwood Manor to find that his once-grand estate and family have fallen into ruin.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 4/10 A sex scene takes place in a room with two lead characters, it is played for laughs as both characters are shown flying around the room, smashing into things, they are both clothed, no nudity is seen. A man is seen making out with a woman briefly, later another man is shown making out with another woman in a dressing room, no nudity. After a man compliments a woman, sex is implied
violence 7/10 Two persons were killed by a fallen statue (off-screen but we hear thump). When Barnabas is awakened he kills all the construction workers that dug him up, vampire violence and blood is seen. When Barnabas transforms into a vampire he has blood coming out of his eyes. Barnabas is at a campfire with some hippies who he ends up killing, the deaths are off screen but screaming can be heard. Barnabas, when he figures out that Julia is stealing his blood, kills her, bragging he can drain a man of blood in 7 and a half seconds. He bites her neck (we don't see the bite in detail) as blood is sucked out of a transfusion pouch connected to Julia's arm. In the final battle, we see Angelique pelted by a shotgun (no blood) as her body breaks apart like glass. She pulls out her own heart as it crumbles. Barnabas and Josette are seen falling from a cliff, we see the bodies hit the rocks below and a hard crunch is heard. A woman shoots geyser of vomit (comical scene) from her mouth at a man.
profanity 3/10 5 shits, 4 anatomical terms.
alcohol 3/10 Hippies pass around a marijuana joint.
frightening 4/10 When Barnabas transforms into a vampire, he goes white, his fingers and teeth grow and blood comes out of his eyes, this my frighten younger children. Victoria, as a young girl, is treated with electric shock therapy This movie has a dark, gothic vibe throughout the whole film. Especially because it's made by Tim Burton 25/50

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