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There are a thousand ways to raise your adrenaline. Today, Chev Chelios will need every single one.

Aug 31,2006

Hollywood Movies | Action | Crime | Thriller

Ratings: 6.5 / 10 from

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Length: 88 Minute(s)
Professional assassin Chev Chelios learns his rival has injected him with a poison that will kill him if his heart rate drops.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A man gropes his girlfriend in a public market, asks her to have sex with him, grabs her and pulls her to the ground, rips her dress (her bare breast is briefly seen), and climbs on top of her -- she fights him briefly but then consents and they kiss; she then stands against a newspaper vending machine, he pulls his pants down (we see his bare buttock from the side), and thrusts from behind her (she moans, and he yells), and people standing around them watch and cheer. The scene is intended to be comedic and isn't explicit. A woman performs oral sex on a man (she moves down to his crotch off screen and he moans) (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details). A man breathes heavily and perspires, we then see a woman at his crotch and his pants are undone, suggesting that she is performing oral sex. Two women kiss in a photo, one has a hand on the other's clothed breast and the other is lifting the other's skirt (her bare crotch is visible). Topless women (their bare breasts are visible) walk and sit around a swimming pool. A man lies on a massage table and two topless women (their bare breasts are visible) massage him (one kneels on his back and the other is next to him). Bare-breasted and scantily clad women dance in a club. A man runs through a hospital wearing a hospital gown and his bare buttocks are visible periodically. A woman wears panties and a tank top that reveal cleavage and part of her bare buttock cheeks. A man wears bikini swim trunks and is bare-chested. A man is bare-chested. A man has an erection that protrudes under a hospital gown. People talk about a man and a woman having sex in a public market place. People remark about the size of a man's endowment. A woman says that she forgot to take her birth control pill.
violence A man with a cleaver cuts a man's hand off (the hand that's holding a gun, and we see a bloody stump and blood sprays); they fight, another man hits one man in the head with a rolling pin, and one man picks up the severed hand holding the gun and shoots the other man in the head (blood sprays in the air, on a wall and on another man). A man shoots a man in the head, many other men open fire on him, and they shoot back and forth at each other; a woman inside a plastic capsule is shot, blood spurts on the wall of the bubble and another woman screams, many men are shot and killed, a man's fingers are shot off (we see his bloody hand and the severed digits as he picks them up), and a grenade is thrown, one man pushes another man on top of the grenade and it explodes (we briefly see the very bloody remains of the man). A man shoots a man in the head, many other men open fire, and one man uses a dead man as a shield (we see blood spurt every time the body is struck). A man shoots a man in the chest several times (we see bloody chest wounds). A man on a fire escape is shot, he falls to the ground with a thud (nearly landing on a woman) and we see some blood on his chest. Two men fight in a helicopter and they both fall out, without parachutes: they continue fighting in the air, one breaks the other's neck, and we see one crash onto the roof of a car, bounce off and crash onto the street (a bloody head wound is evident). A man puts another man's hand in a sewing machine, which he turns on: we see the needle poking through the man's hand for a few seconds and blood pours from the wound as the man yells. A man puts his hand in a waffle iron and burns himself (we see the red and swollen patterns on his hand later). We see a severed hand on a table in front of a man. A man pulls a man out of a taxi, throws him on the ground, yells "Al Qaeda" and people standing around tackle him, one person pulls his leg slightly backwards, snapping it before the scene cuts. A man throws a man off a roof (we see the body falling past a window). A man fights with a man with a gun, the gun discharges and a bird in a cage is shot (we see feathers fly); one man is kicked and punched moderately, knocked unconscious and then rolled into a pool. A man head-butts a man, fights with several men, he is thrown out of a doorway and onto the street, people chase him, and he drives away. We see a human heart (presumably a man's) beating slowly in a few scenes. We see a bird's heart beating very rapidly. In a extended scene, a man slams nails into his foot because he can't feel his leg because he was shot. The "nailing" is off-screen, and mostly implied but we can see a out of focus shot of his leg. The Blu-ray edition is more bloody, featuring extended shots of people being killed by gunshots.
profanity 93 uses of 'fuck', 34 of 'shit', 10 of 'ass' (6 with "hole"), 7 of 'bitch' (between hero and villain), 2 of 'nigger', and 1 of 'cocksucker', 'cunt', and 'faggot'. Also 7 instances of 'Jesus', 6 of 'hell', 5 of 'damn', and 3 of 'Goddamn'.
alcohol The movie's main theme is drugs. A man injects a man in the neck with a syringe and tells him that he injected him with a deadly mixture of drugs. A man snorts cocaine, a man takes a handful of pills and chews them, and a man drinks a liquid drug given to him by another man. A man injects himself with epinephrine, and a man is given an IV injection of medication. People drink alcohol in club scenes, a man drinks wine, people drink alcohol in a pool scene, and a man walks past empty beer bottles on a table. A man smokes a cigarette, and a man smokes a cigar in a few scenes.
frightening The movie's premise makes it intense by nature, but barring the sewing machine scene, the violence is stylized and rather unrealistic. Some may find the end shoot-out intense, as it's probably the bloodiest part of the film.

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