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Stay Charged, Stay Alive!

Apr 16,2009

Hollywood Movies | Action | Crime | Thriller

Ratings: 5.9 / 10 from

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Length: 96 Minute(s)
Chelios faces a Chinese mobster who has stolen his nearly indestructible heart and replaced it with a battery-powered ticker that requires regular jolts of electricity to keep working.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 10/10 Many of the shots described below (by another viewer) are brief to extremely brief, particularly those in the topless club and those around the pool. Other shots are ample (pardon the pun). Overall the effect is one of frequent nudity / sexuality. Chev starts to dry hump to a older woman. Then Eve takes Chev and gives him "friction" (lap dance). Than they fall in a horse track. Eve goes top and kisses Chev. Eve's panties are seen. Than they switch position and Chev's ass is seen. He takes out Eve's panties. Chev starts to f*ck her and Eve spread her legs and open to the air. Than they f*ck each other in a bridge position. Chev is the bridge and Eve goes up and down fastly. Eve's vagina and Chev's penis are blurred. Then they have sex in lots of positions. Eve's glorious breasts are seen. A horse's penis is seen. Then Chev cums violently but Eve still wants to f*ck him. But a guy takes Eve and Chev's blurred penis is seen. This sex scene is 3 minutes long. A topless woman is shot and we see her bare breasts oozes bloodied silicone gel and deflate grotesquely. We see an exotic dance club in a few scenes with many topless women (bare breasts and buttocks are visible) dancing suggestively while men watch; a few men touch the women and give them money. We see several topless women around a swimming pool wearing thongs that reveal bare buttocks and one woman's pubic region is shown. Many people, including several women in various stages of undress, flee a house called a "social club" (we see bare breasts and buttocks). A topless woman straddles a man and massages him. A man rubs an ice cube on a woman's bare buttocks, then squeezes and slaps them (she is wearing a thong). A woman straddles a man and thrusts against him to create friction (they are both clothed but her short dress reveals thigh and cleavage).
violence 10/10 A man is ordered to cut off his own nipple (he moans, we see the skin pulling away and we see the bloody hole remaining); he is then ordered to cut off the other nipple (again we see blood, the skin pulling away as it is cut, and the man moans); later we see the man pick up the severed nipples from the bloodied floor and see him with band aids over the wounds. A man swings a machete and cuts another man's elbow off (we see the piece of flesh and blood splatter on the floor). We see an unconscious man in an ambulance with his intestines out of his body (we see a pile of slimy, blood covered intestines) and EMTs try to put them back in and revive him. A man pulls another man's pants down, dips the barrel of a shotgun in tar, and shoves it in his rectum (we hear crunching and the man moans in pain); the man keeps pushing the shotgun, while asking questions. A man on an operating table is semi-lucid and looks around the room while a man removes his beating heart from his chest (we hear squishing, we see blood, tissue and the beating heart); another man in the room flicks cigarette ash in the open cavity in the mans' chest and then spits in it. We see a man's open, bloody chest cavity on an operating table as an organ transplant is underway and paddles are charged and used to start his heart (we see him flinch from the charge). We see a severed head attached to tubs floating in a tank of water (the head moves its mouth and blinks its eyes). A man is shot in the head and blood spurts against the wall behind him and next to him. A man is shot in the head and we see skull and matter shoot out of the back of his head. Several shootout scenes show many people being shot repeatedly with blood spurting and spraying, many people falling dead and others writhing in pain: One such scene shows a topless woman shot in the chest and we see her bare breasts as they oozes bloodied silicone gel and deflate. A man shoots several men repeatedly (we see blood spurt and splatter and open holes). A man shoots several other men while inside a car (we see a great deal of blood, matter and fabric being blown through the air and the man has blood splattered on his face). A man jams a metal rod through another man's chest and we see the rod push out through his back. A man beats another man using straps with hooks on the ends and we see bloody cuts open on his back. Two men with machetes fight a man with nun-chucks, one man is struck and falls to the ground and the other is beaten with punches. Two men, who look like giant puppets, fight in a high voltage area: one is zapped, the two men continue to fight and throw each other back and into more of the electrical equipment, one man punches the other in the face repeatedly (we see his bloody mouth), and he then lifts a box over the man's head to strike him once. A man punches and kicks police officers who then beat him repeatedly with batons and also taser him. A man tasers many police officers, then punches and kicks them and holds a gun on one. A man punches one man in the face, wraps medical tubing around another man's throat, and stabs the first man in the neck with a hypodermic needle. A man punches a man in the face and a woman then hits the semi-conscious man in the crotch several times with a bicycle. Several men hold another man by the arms and another man jams a cattle prod to his testicles (we see him yelling). A man is struck hard on the back with a metal rod (he falls to his knees). A man punches another man in the face repeatedly (we see it very bloody). A man is punched hard in the face (we see blood in his mouth). A woman punches a man, kicks him in the crotch, and throws him onto the hood of a car and he breaks the windshield. A woman head-butts another woman. A man throws another man onto the floor (we see blood on the floor next to him but he seems OK). A woman punches another woman in the face (she gets a bloody lip) and the other woman strikes her in the head with a bottle. A boy beats another boy in the head with a steel garbage can, and then strikes a teacher who tries to pull him away. A man holds a gun on another man who punches him in the throat and takes the gun away. A man is shown weakened when his artificial heart's battery gets low, and he uses many types of electrical charge to power himself up: He climbs a power pole and grips the high voltage equipment (he is thrown back and onto the ground in flames and we see blistered, burning flesh), he attaches auto jump cables to his nipple and his tongue (he moans), he sticks his finger in a car cigarette lighter, he puts a dog training collar around his neck and punches the zap button, he tases himself repeatedly, and he grabs two pieces of a high voltage device and is jolted. A woman is thrown through the door of a house (she has a bloody nose) and is followed by a man with a knife. Many people are thrown through windows and out of a house, and others run out of the house. A man in flames kisses a woman and we see her in flames too (she screams and runs away). A man crashes down onto a car, bounces high into the air and back onto the ground (we see blood on his ear and eye). A car strikes a woman, she is thrown high into the air (her shoes fall to the ground) and we see her later and she appears OK (she has a bit of blood on her nose). A man driving a car crashes into a cement barricade and is thrown through the windshield and onto the street (he moans and has a bit of blood on his face, but is otherwise OK). A man is dragged behind a speeding boat by his feet (he is seen to be OK later). A man tries to grab the driver out of a car, and the driver drives away dragging the man along briefly (he's OK).
profanity 10/10 About 142 instances of 'fuck', 21 of 'shit', 14 of 'ass' (5 with "hole"), 5 of 'bitch', 5 of 'cunt', 3 of 'dick', 2 slang terms for sex ("bang"/"do"), 2 of 'cocksucker', and 1 of 'whore'. Racial and homophobic language: 1-2 uses each of 'fag' and 'homo' and 2 derogatory terms for both Hispanics and Asians.
alcohol 5/10 A man drinks alcohol in a few scenes. Men smoke cigarettes in several scenes. There are some scenes where it looks like people are smoking marijuana, but it could be cigarettes.
frightening 8/10 The film contains non-stop violence and potentially offensive material. Most of it is done in an over-the-top, light hearted, comical way. 45/50 - Recommended for 18+

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