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The most powerful legend of all is back in a new adventure.
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Length: 103 Minute(s)
Based on a character created by Robert E. Howard, this fast-paced, occasionally humorous sequel to Conan the Barbarian features the hero (Arnold Schwarzenegger) as he is commissioned by the evil queen Taramis (Sarah Douglas) to safely escort a teen princess (Olivia D'Abo) and her powerful bodyguard (Wilt Chamberlain) to a far away castle to retrieve the magic Horn of Dagon. Unknown to Conan, the queen plans to sacrifice the princess when she returns and inherit her kingdom after the bodyguard kills Conan. The queen's plans fail to take into consideration Conan's strength and cunning and the abilities of his sidekicks: the eccentric wizard Akiro (Mako), the wild woman Zula (Grace Jones), and the inept Malak (Tracey Walter). Together the hero and his allies must defeat both mortal and supernatural foes in this voyage to sword-and-sorcery land.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Women are shown wearing scantily clad outfits showing lots of midriff and cleavage. Several scenes of seduction.
violence Violent sword fights throughout. Men are sliced with swords with bloody results, men are stabbed with swords and knives, a man's throat is slit. Men are hit with blunt objects; sometimes with very bloody results, men are impaled with spears, a man is almost cooked alive by animalistic barbarians. A giant monster is seen attacking many men; the creature throws men around and crushes their skulls; the creature stabs a woman with its horn.
alcohol Characters drink wine. A man is seen drinking heavily to the point where he is incomprehensible/drunk.
frightening Intense sequences involving a wizard that turns into a monster. A giant creature/god wrecks havoc in a castle; killing many people.

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