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Dec 14,2000

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy | Romance

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Length: 121 Minute(s)
A fable of emotional liberation and chocolate. A mother and daughter move to a small French town where they open a chocolate shop. The town, religious and morally strict, is against them as they represent free-thinking and indulgence. When a group of Boat Gypsies float down the river the prejudices of the Mayor leads to a crisis.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 7/10 A man admires his wife's bum and is later seen through a window kissing her passionately. A man goes to confession and discusses having "impure thoughts." A woman wears fitted clothing and low cut blouses. It is suggested her daughter does not know who her father is. The woman also says she never was married, which shocks the conservative mayor. A man and a woman are shown having sex. Her bare back and the side of her breast are visible as she straddles the man. Nude pictures of women are pinned to a wall in the background of one scene.
violence 5/10 A drunk man tries to break into an apartment in pursuit of his abused wife who has run away. (Two women and a young girl are in the house.) He yells and threatens. He tries to choke a woman; he pulls another's hair while she screams. A woman hits him on the head with a skillet. The abused wife is seen with a swollen cut on her forehead which later is seen as a bruise. An angry man runs off with a sharp object, breaks into a shop, and attacks a chocolate "woman" (at first beheading her), then destroys a window display of confections. A man sets fire to a houseboat, allegedly with people on it. Kids fight briefly in a playground. A boy draws graphic pictures of suggested violence. A woman reads gory poetry to a boy. A woman shows her bruised legs to others.
profanity 1/10 A man calls a woman stupid and another a bitch.
alcohol 5/10 Characters drink and smoke in a bar. One arrives drunk and violent and later is found passed out in a street.
frightening 4/10 A houseboat is on fire. People run in chaos. A woman thinks her child is on the boat and becomes very upset. A mother and daughter fight to the point where the mother becomes somewhat physically aggressive, yanking and pulling on the child (although there is no hitting or serious abuse). 22/50 - this is okay for 13+ PG-13 for intense moments, some sexuality, drinking and smoking and mild violence

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