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It's not who you love. It's how.

Apr 04,1997

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy | Romance

Ratings: 6.7 / 10 from

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Length: 113 Minute(s)
Holden and Banky are comic book artists. Everything is going good for them until they meet Alyssa, also a comic book artist. Holden falls for her, but his hopes are crushed when he finds out she's a lesbian.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 7/10 There is fair amount of crude dialogue The main theme of the movie is a straight man falling in love with a lesbian. Talk of lesbianism
violence 5/10 In one scene a man yells and screams at another man and then shoots him in front of a crowd who runs out screaming. It's then revealed the entire shooting was staged as a publicity stunt. A man pushes another man against a wall and threatens to "put his teeth down his throat", though nothing happens afterwards. A hockey fight, one man is punched and blood spurts from his mouth.
profanity 7/10 21 "f" words (16 used sexually, 4 with the prefix "mother," and other sexual terms: "dicking" twice and "nail" once), 64 "s" words, 10 slang terms for male genitals (8 "d" words, 1 "p" word, and 1 "c" word (cock)), 5 slang terms for female genitals 2 "p" words, 3 slang terms for breasts (the "t" word), 13 "ass" words (4 used with "hole"), 3 damns, 2 hells, 2 S.O.B.'s, and 6 uses of "Jesus" and "God," 3 uses of "For Christ's sakes," 2 of "Oh God," and 1 use each of "My God," "Oh my God," "Christ," "Jesus Christ," "God damn," and "Swear to God" as exclamations.
alcohol 7/10 Characters frequently smoke cigarettes. Jay and Silent Bob are drug dealers, who offer Holden pot in one instance (he refuses). Holden and Banky's comic is called "Bluntman and Chronic", based on their constantly stoned colleagues Jay and Silent Bob. Several scenes show people drinking socially and angrily.
frightening 4/10 One brief fist fight is shown, which could be seen as intense. The break-up scene between Holden & Alyssa could be seen as intense. 36/50 14+

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