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To find her son, she did what no one else dared.

Jan 30,2008

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Crime | Mystery

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Length: 141 Minute(s)
Christine Collins is overjoyed when her kidnapped son is brought back home. But when Christine suspects that the boy returned to her isn't her child, the police captain has her committed to an asylum.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Christine first discovers for certain that the boy the police returned to her is an imposter when he falls while taking a bath, she comes in to check on him, sees him naked, and sees that he is circumcised (her real son was not.) There is obviously no nudity since it's a young boy we're talking about here, and the whole thing (again, obviously) isn't the slightest bit sexual and won't make viewers offended or uncomfortable. The Los Angeles Police, embarassed by the scandal, lock Christine up in an Asylum. We see her stripped and being hosed down in a shower room by a female nurse, everything sensitive is shadowed and you can't really make out any actual nudity. The nurse tells Christine to spread her legs so she can check her vagina (it's later mentioned that the nurse was checking for diseases), Christine eventually and unwillingly complies. We only see part of Christine's bare legs, and the scene ends quickly. The scene is disturbing and very infuriating for the viewer but is not racy or sexual and is simply there to show how much torment Christine went through in the Asylum. Inapropiate for child audiences on general principal, but adults shouldn't worry about it. One woman is revealed to have been a prostitute who was abused by a corrupt cop who was also her client (not graphic). This character is noble and helpful and it isn't sexual.
violence Halfway through the story shifts gears into a manhunt of sorts for a psychotic serial killer who may have taken Christine's child. A young boy contacts the police and confesses that his older cousin forced him into being an accomplice to murdering, as he says, "about 20 boys." In a long scene which is very disturbing and sad, the boy describes how his cousin would take him out in the car to town, where they would manipulate a boy into coming in the car with them. They would then bring that boy back to the farm, where either the older cousin would kill him--or, as the boy says, "save him for later," and go back to get another boy. We see brief images of the older cousin with an ax, hacking at something offscreen, presumed to be a child's corpse. In some of these shots we can see blood on the killer's face. In others, you can hear screaming from the children. It doesn't go further than that. The police take the younger cousin back to the farm and order him to dig up the childrens' remains. The boy digs until he finds parts of a skeleton including a foot with a shoe still on it. The foot had obviously been cut off. A man is hanged and the entire thing is shown. Electroshock therapy is depicted once in the asylum. It's disturbing but the patient ends up making it out okay.
profanity Surprisingly brief and mild. There are three "f--k"s used briefly in a non-sexual context.
alcohol Cigarettes, glasses of wine, period-accurate stuff.
frightening Obviously the thought of losing a child is very relatable and frightening, and so many viewers (especially parents) will be in sympathetic suspense through this film.

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