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No one stays at the top forever.

Nov 22,1995

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Crime

Ratings: 7.6 / 10 from

714  users

Length: 178 Minute(s)
The life of the gambling paradise – Las Vegas – and its dark mafia underbelly.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A sex scene, only shoulders up shown. Both of them moan audibly. Lasts for about 4 seconds. In another scene, a woman puts her face in a man's lap for a brief second, implying oral sex. A woman briefly removes her dress from behind. Her buttocks and the side of her breast are seen for a second or two. Two men are stripped to their undergarments in one scene.
violence Two gangsters are hit in the backs, bodies, and faces with baseball bats. Their faces and chests are completely blood-soaked (seen in close-up three times). Dirt then hits their bodies/faces to bury them alive before the scene cuts. A man is stabbed in the neck with a pen several times (blood briefly squirts in close up) and then kicked multiple times and stabbed some more around the upperbody, he is offscreen after the first 7 stabs. We see the attacker with a bloody pen-holding hand for several seconds. A bloodied and beat up gangster has his head tightened in a vise. His eye bloodily pops out of his head for a split-second. Blood briefly spurts from his mouth, running down his cheeks. His throat is then slit with a switchblade (seen from a distance). A man is shocked once with a cattle prod and has his hand hit a few times with a hammer in close up. Some blood is on the table. Several shootings, not overly violent, although a few bloody bullet wounds are seen. Two women are included, one is briefly riddled in the chest with bullet wounds and the other is shot in the head a few times with blood dripping out her mouth. A man is hit on the head, and has a bag put over to suffocate in his blood. A dead body has a bloody chest bullet wound. A dead couple has bloody bullet wounds. A pimp is beaten, blood on the nose and mouth. A few bloodless punches and pushes. All of these are brief.
profanity 398 uses of 'fuck', 36 of 'shit', 19 of 'ass' (towards men), 7 of 'prick' and 'jag-off', 6 of 'son of a bitch' and 'cocksucker', 4 of 'bitch' (from angry husband to wife), and 1 of 'cunt' and 'whore' (also from angry husband to wife). Racial slurs: 2 of 'nigger' and 1 of 'kike'. Also 11 instances of "hell", 9 of "damn" (7 using "God"), 5 of "Jesus Christ", and 2 of "bastard".
alcohol Cocaine is used a few times. A woman is implied to be abusing prescription medication (pills). She is sometimes also shown to be under the influence of various substances. Fairly frequent cigarette smoking, coming from Robert De Niro's character for the most part. Alcohol is occasionally drunk.
frightening The pen scene is rather hard to watch, particularly when the kicking starts, since the attacker is known for hard blows. The baseball bat scene is graphic and lengthy.

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