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Boxcar Bertha (1972)

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Amid the misery, a union pioneer and a young lady get to be offenders to correct reprisal on the administration of a railroad.

Jun 14,1972

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Romance | Crime | Thriller

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In view of "Sister of the Road," the fictionalized collection of memoirs of radical and transient Bertha Thompson as composed by doctor Dr. Ben L. Reitman, "Freight car" Bertha Thompson, a lady work coordinator in Arkansas amid the viciousness filled Depression of the mid '30's gets together with riffraff stirring union man "Enormous" Bill Shelly and they collaborate to battle the degenerate railroad foundation and she is in the long run sucked into an existence of wrongdoing with him.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity - A woman's breasts and butt are seen. It's implied she has sex with a man. - A man's butt is seen as he pulls up his pants. - A woman's breasts and butt are seen and a man's butt is seen as they have sex. We see the man and woman's pubic hair as they get dressed. - A nude woman's butt is seen. - A woman works at a brothel and it's implied she sleeps with a man.
violence This film was made in the Roger Corman violent explotation mode directed by Martin Scorsese. The violence is stylised but bloody and quite brutal in some scenes. There are some moderate fist fights and punch ups throughout which are quite prolonged in some scenes. There is a scene where a woman is involved in a fight and is punched in the face. Some characters are hit with the butts of shotguns and beaten. Some bloody gun shot wounds and shotgun blasts blow holes in a few characters which propels them against walls. A man is crucified to the side of a boxcar. He is seen screaming and in extreme agony. This scene is quite sadistic and disturbing
profanity 'Shit, bastard, ass, damn, bitch, hell, Jesus Christ, nigger, coon'.
alcohol Some smoking cigars and drinking alcohol.
frightening A man chews on some glass, but this is played out in a humourous fashion. The violence may be disturbing due to it's brutal and somewhat bloody nature. A great deal of anti social behaviour represented by characters on both sides of the law. Not surprising considering the era it is set in.

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