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An act of love, or an act of murder?

Jan 15,1993

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Romance | Thriller

Ratings: 4.6 / 10 from

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Length: 99 Minute(s)
Sizzingly sexy Madonna leads a star-filled cast in this erotic thriller as a woman accused of killing a wealthy, elderly man through her insatiable sexual prowess.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A man watches a video of himself having sexual relations while lying on his back with a bare breasted woman on top of him. A man has sexual relations with his wife in bed in the missionary position - both of her breasts and erect nipples are visible. His buttocks are visible and he is thrusting hard into her while her legs are tightly wrapped around his buttocks. Afterward, she gets up from bed and walks bare bottomed to the shower. A man and women enter a house. She starts unbuttoning his shirt. She pushes him to the stairs and rips open his shirt. They fall down and he rips open her shirt to reveal her bra. She then rips open his shirt and bites him on his nipple. He moves up to her and he rips open the front hook of her bra to reveal her breasts. He starts sucking on one nipple. She runs into a room and lies on a bed. She is bare breasted. He comes to her and she takes off his belt and ties his hands up, then pushes him on the bed. She gets on him and pours candle wax on his chest causing him to grimace. She then pours champagne on the spot, licks it up and kisses him on the mouth. She does that a few times on his chest, and then on his pubic area (not seen). A woman stands on a car in a parking garage while a man pulls off her panties and kisses her pubic area, (her vagina is visible) then gives her vigorous oral sex. The woman then mounts him as he lies on the hood of a car with shards of glass digging into his back. Madonna is on the floor and she opens her robe to reveal her breasts and nipples. She puts her middle finger in her mouth and then inside her panty and rubs herself. She continues to finger herself and the camera is close up on one of her erect nipple. Willem comes and kisses her. Then he catches her with a pair of handcuffs and in anger handcuffs her to a table. Then he roughly removes her panties to reveal her bare buttocks. Then he penetrates her roughly and they have hard sex. The same video from the start of the film is played again, and then goes on to a new section showing a naked woman romping around a bedroom in fun.
violence Some of the sexual encounters have violent elements or appearances. A man suffers mild burns and cuts, and there is talk of bruising due to handcuffs.
profanity There are a few uses of profanity including f bombs.
alcohol The use of cocaine is an element of the plot, but usage is never shown. It's dangers are illustrated rather than its pleasures.

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