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This September! Crawl Baby crawl!

Sep 28,2006

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy | Action

Ratings: 6.4 / 10 from

62  users

Length: 126 Minute(s)
For never-do-well compulsive gambler Fong, there's only one thing more fearsome than debtors at his doorstep - having to coax a crying baby. But what if the baby becomes his golden goose to fend off his debtors? Can he overcome his phobia of diapers, milk bottles, and cloying lullabies?
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity No explicit sex and nudity. A new born baby is shown nude for a few seconds and eventually in other areas of the film just for brief time of seconds. A birth scene. a woman is pregnant because of one of the male protagonists. Several mild crude jokes.
violence -> lots of fights which deserve a PG-13. ->villain's son falls from a great height to the ground floor of a building. It is implied that he dies. -> a man jumps down from floor to floor of a building , so as to escape some goons in the top floor. ->a baby almost dies by falling from a height to the ground floor of the hospital, but Jackie Chan who atm was on the escalator of the 1st floor catches him in time. ->a man is tied by the legs and suspended from a great height to threaten his life. ->the baby,kept in a cold storage room, almost freezes to death. ->the frozen baby is electrocuted so as to restore his heartbeat.
profanity "Asshole" is used a few times. Comments such as "there goes the viagra". A woman (the baby's mother) is called a courtesan by the villain
alcohol Some alcoholic scenes do exist. One of the protagonists is seen smoking a cigar.
frightening the scene where the protagonist try to resuscitate an almost dead baby is intense and emotional. A frozen dead body is seen. Just like many other Jackie Chan's movies, this movie contains a lot of intense peril.

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