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Based on a True Story.

Apr 04,2001

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Crime

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Length: 124 Minute(s)
A boy named George Jung grows up in a struggling family in the 1950's. His mother nags at her husband as he is trying to make a living for the family. It is finally revealed that George's father cannot make a living and the family goes bankrupt. George does not want the same thing to happen to him, and his friend Tuna, in the 1960's, suggests that he deal marijuana. He is a big hit in California in the 1960's, yet he goes to jail, where he finds out about the wonders of cocaine. As a result, when released, he gets rich by bringing cocaine to America. However, he soon pays the price.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity There's some of women showing some cleavage at the beginning of the film.There is a quickly flashed still frame of George Jung with a topless woman on each arm. A brief scene of topless women walking by in the background. There is a musical montage of the main character and a woman engaged in heavy petting, and sexual type activity In the background of one scene there are topless woman walking around a swimming pool.
violence A few shootings (only one lethal, we see blood splattering on the wall from far away), and a man is beaten from far away (nothing too graphic)
profanity There's some strong language in this movie and slang. 112 F words.
alcohol A lot of smoking pot plus there's a lot of "ordinary" smoking. There is also some cocaine use. People drink alcohol in the film, mostly at parties. The whole movie depicts the sale, transportation, and use of narcotics.
frightening Some emotional scenes

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