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It's cop-killer versus killer-cop.

May 20,2011

Hollywood Movies | Action | Crime | Thriller

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Length: 97 Minute(s)
A tough cop is dispatched to take down a serial killer who has been targeting police officers.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity There is a very brief moment where breasts are barely visible in the background, as the main characters pass through a house, which is supposedly being used as an illegal brothel. A woman wears alluring clothes and has a flirting behaviour. Her panties can be seen. One of the main characters is homosexual, and crude drawings mocking him are shown drawn on a locker. There is a naked man sleeping completely naked on his bed; his bare butt is seen as he turns.
violence The plot of this movie revolves around a psychotic serial killer murdering police officers. The violent scenes are numerous, but usually not extremely graphic. There is a reference to (and later seen through security footage) a man brutally beating another man. In the opening scene a man brutally beats three teenagers who pulled knives on him. A man walks up to a police woman in the streets and shoots her in the neck. We see her lying on the street dying with blood gushing from her throat. A man walks up to a policeman in a car and executes him with a gunshot to the head. Blood splatters all over the policeman and the car. A man attacks another man in his apartment. After a brief struggle, the man gets hold of a hammer and brutally beats the other to death (offscreen). We see blood splattering on the killer's face, and later we see the bloody corpse. In a public bathroom, a man grabs another man and drowns him in a toilet. The drowning is offscreen but we hear the screams and noises. We later see the dead man with his head in the toilet. When a woman is attacked by a man, a teenager comes to help her. The attacker throws him on the street, drags his body to the edge of the sidewalk and stomps on his head, breaking his neck. We see a close up of the boot stamp down on his throat, and his head graphically jerk and crack. A man is violently beaten by a crowbar at a rooftop, and then executed by a shot in the head. Blood sprays. A man talks about finding a child molester and smashing his testicles in with a baseball bat. A man is attacked by two dogs; the scene is used for comedic purpose.
profanity Several profanities and frequent swearing. Strong language is heard throughout the movie: "fu**", "sh**", "cunt", "bastard", "faggot", etc. 5 or 6 uses of Cunt
alcohol Several scenes with drug use and drug references (using, dealing, etc.). A character refers to her rehab experience. Several characters drink and smoke throughout the movie.
frightening Some violent scenes throughout, although not particularly graphic. The part where the killer breaks a teenager's neck is very disturbing, and another death is very upsetting too.

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