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Be careful what you wish for.

Sep 08,2004

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Thriller | Mystery

Ratings: 5.8 / 10 from

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Length: 100 Minute(s)
It took Anna 10 years to recover from the death of her husband, Sean, but now she's on the verge of marrying her boyfriend, Joseph, and finally moving on. However, on the night of her engagement party, a young boy named Sean turns up, saying he is her dead husband reincarnated. At first she ignores the child, but his knowledge of her former husband's life is uncanny, leading her to believe that he might be telling the truth.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A short clip of a baby coming out of a woman's vagina inside a bathtub. This symbolizes the "Birth." There is simulated sex that is pretty realistic. You see the womans nipple, though not in closeup, and a lot of her stage husband's body from behind including buttocks. The scene lasts for about a minute. A scene where a ten-year-old boy gets in the bathtub with Kidman and they both seem to be naked (though nothing is shown). A woman asks a young boy if he has ever made love to a girl. A young boy is kissed on the mouth by an older woman.
violence A man goes to attack a young boy but is held back by others. He then spanks the boy on the bottom but is stopped. A woman wrestles with a young boy for his backpack. She shoves him around alot. A woman shakes a young boy around in a bath.
profanity Words include: Hell.
alcohol A woman is seen smoking cigarettes.

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