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You#39;re Only Young Once But For Josh It Might Just Last A Lifetime.
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Length: 104 Minute(s)
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A young boy, Josh Baskin makes a wish at a carnival machine to be big. He wakes up the following morning to find that it has been granted and his body has grown older overnight. But he is still the same 13-year-old boy inside. Now he must learn how to cope with the unfamiliar world of grown-ups including getting a job and having his first romantic encounter with a woman. What will he find out about this strange world?

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity The main character, Josh, is a 12 year old boy, who takes the form of a grown man. While in the grown man's body, Josh turns 13 and begins a sexual relationship with a grown up woman. Emotionally, Josh is still 13, though physically he appears to be 30. The pair are not shown actually having sex, the nature of the relationship is implied. In one scene, a man and woman passionately kiss. Then, she removes her shirt and the man reaches out to touch her breasts curiously. Brief sensual scene. A man in shown in brief-type underwear. Some sexual references. Several times, Josh seems to be staring at a grown woman's open blouse or chest area. Hookers proposition Josh and his best friend (who is still physically 12 years old) in New York city in front of a seedy hotel. Josh's friend suggests having Josh buy a dirty magazine. A grown woman suggests that she may not be ready to stay the night with Josh. He says: "You mean sleep over? OK, but I get to be on top." (He is referring to the top bunk of bunk beds and they end up sleeping in separate bunks.
violence In a short, comical scene, two men get in an argument leading into a punch taken by one of the men. However, the punch is off screen. Bloody nose results are shown. Two characters argue offscreen and a gunshot is heard.
profanity - 1 use of the F-word - 7 uses of Goddamn - A few uses of Damn and Hell - 1 use of Bullshit - 1 use of Asshole - 1 use of Bastard - 1 use of Shit
alcohol Social drinking - adults drinking a glass of wine. Some cigarette smoking (by adults).
frightening None to speak of, some may find the fortune machine strange or disconcerting. When Josh's mother confronts Josh (in the grown man's body), she is very frightened, thinking that he has kidnapped her son, and wields a knife. The scene is played for humor, but may be disturbing. The idea of child abduction is frightening; though the viewer knows that Josh has not been abducted, Josh's mother does not and she is very upset. When Josh first comes to New York city and checks in to an unpleasant low-end hotel, there are scenes of disturbing noises including gunfire outside his room and through the open window.

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