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Be warned. Be ready.

Jun 21,2005

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Romance | Fantasy

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Length: 102 Minute(s)
Thinking he can overshadow an unknown actress in the part, an egocentric actor unknowingly gets a witch cast in an upcoming television remake of the classic show "Bewitched".
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity While talking to her father about wanting to be loved for who she is rather than what she can do (with her magic), Isabel equates it to women who sleep with rich men, but Nigel sees no problem with that arrangement, saying that they do sleep with them (meaning that's a good thing for the men). We see a shot of a nude man, but everything is blurred out.
violence Under the advice of Ritchie not to be a pushover, Jack ends up being a jerk in a meeting with the TV producers. That includes balling up a piece of paper and throwing it at one of them.
profanity At least 6 nonsexual slang terms using female genitals ("pussy"), 4 using male genitals ("tool" and "dick"), 3 hells, 2 craps, 1 ass, 6 uses of "Oh my God" and 1 use each of "For God's sakes" and "Oh God."
alcohol Responding to the low test scores he's received about his performance in the show, Jack is upset and asks if the poll participants were high, asks if they drug tested them, then if they were high on crack and then repeats a variation of that last comment. Drinking is seen at a party.

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