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Beretta's Island

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May 05,1994

Hollywood Movies | Action | Crime

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Length: 90 Minute(s)
An Interpol agent fights drug dealers in Europe and America.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A woman works out in a sports bra. A man looks at her suggestively several times. A man and woman kiss briefly. A man and woman kiss on a beach. The woman is in a bikini and the man in briefs. A man and woman are shown playing in the water. The man is in briefs and the woman is only wearing bikini bottoms, her breasts visible. They kiss.
violence Some men fight at a bar. During a gun fight, some people are killed. No blood. A woman is punched in the stomach by a man. Another man shoots that man, killing him. A man is shot and killed, some blood. A woman is shot in the shoulder. Some blood. A man dies from a heart attack after snorting cocaine. A man is shot, some blood. Two men have a fist fight. A man is shot and killed.
profanity Some uses of "son of a bitch".
alcohol Some drinking. Some drug trafficking. Some cocaine usage.

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