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Being John Malkovich (1999)

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A puppeteer discovers a portal that leads literally into the head of movie star John Malkovich.

Dec 03,1999

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy | Fantasy

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Length: 112 Minute(s)
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Puppeteer Craig Schwartz and creature significant other and pet store representative Lotte Schwartz are simply making a cursory effort of their marriage. Regardless of not having the capacity to acquire a living exclusively through puppeteering, Craig cherishes his calling as it permits him to possess the skin of others. He starts to take the capacity to possess the skin of others to the following level when he is compelled to take a vocation as a document agent for the topsy turvy LesterCorp, situated on the five-foot tall 7½ story of a Manhattan office building. Behind one of the file organizers in his work territory, Craig finds a concealed entryway which he learns is a gateway into the brain of John Malkovich, the visit through the gateway which keeps going fifteen minutes after which the individual is spit into a trench beside the New Jersey Turnpike. Craig is captivated by the importance of life connected with this finding. Lotte's outings through the entrance make her assess her own particular self. Furthermore, the sure Maxine Lund, one of Craig's collaborators who he tells about the

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity ACTIONS: A woman feels John M. drying his body in a shower, and enjoys it (0:35:35-50) A man feels a woman's clothed breast (0:54:06) clothed sex scene (0:55:00-56:22) man fondles a woman's buttock (01:01:35-40) clothed sex scene (1:01:40-02:20) man kisses woman's groin area; a blanket hides his lips (1:21:19-22, 22:28-31) A young boy sees people, presumably his parents, having sex. No explicit content is seen but the movement of the covers (1:37:37-47) a man smells panties (1:38:24-37) a woman kisses another woman unexpectedly two women hug with romantic feelings NUDITY: A male puppet is naked. Its buttocks have cleavage and the pubic area has a ridge that may vaguely suggest a penis (0:00:24-02:13). a brief glimpse of a woman's breasts from out her shirt (during/after second sex scene?) a man is shown naked from behind (1:37:54-59) 0:37 A circumcised penis, viewed from above, in shower, is briefly shown. SPEECH: puppets in a show act out sexual movements they "imagine," while a child watches (05:03-43) A puppet has characters whose "speech" suggests sexual desire (04:20+) A man says he's not "b*nging" somebody (0:09:52) A woman responds to a man that there are "50 other lines to get in a girl's pants" (0:16:21-23) sexual innuendo (0:16:49-17:01) speech (0:18:00-13) sexual fantasies are mentioned (0:18:36) speech (0:20:10-34) adultery joke (0:20:40-44) "T*ts" (0:21:30) "f*g" (0:21:36, 41, 45) "f*ck" in sexual manner (0:21:46) "letch" (0:22:22) woman talks about male- and female-specific anatomy (0:40:30-40) woman talks about transexuality (0:41:58-42:52) sex-/anatomy-related speech (0:44:28-33) "suck my d***" (0:59:19-20) more SEXUAL THEMES: adulterous thoughts and actions transsexual feelings homosexual feelings
violence A main character is punched in the face from a brief scuffle at a bar. Craig threatens Lotte with a gun. Lotte chases after and tries to shoot Maxine. A reference to abortion implies a woman would have killed her fetus under different circumstances, over personal rather than medical reasons.
profanity 16 uses of 'fuck', 9 of 'shit', 2 of 'fag' and 'dick', and 1 of 'cunt', 'tits', 'son of a bitch', and 'asshole'.
alcohol There's a scene where Craig and Maxine make and smoke a joint. Drugs and "being stoned" are mentioned occasionally.
frightening The movie is very surreal and strange at times.

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