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Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

Jun 23,1989

Hollywood Movies | Action | Fantasy

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Length: 126 Minute(s)
The Dark Knight of Gotham City begins his war on crime with his first major enemy being the clownishly homicidal Joker, who has seized control of Gotham's underworld.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 3/10 The Joker uses some innuendo for jokes, including phrases such as "Never rub another man's rhubarb". While arguing with Bruce, Vicki says, "I even slept with you!" Knox tells Vicki that if she wants to photograph him nude that she'll, "need a very long lens." Paintings of nude women are seen in the background of scenes.
violence 7/10 The Wayne couple is shot and killed by a petty thief, leaving Bruce alone with his dead parents. There are several fighting scenes that include Batman, most of which involve the Joker and his henchmen. Batman uses martial arts techniques in numerous fight scenes throughout the film. Many people are shot dead during the film A man's face is bloodied and burned after a ruptured pipe spews chemicals onto it. There is a brief close-up shot of blood-stained surgical implements. At one point the Joker shoots someone dead, then fires multiple gunshots into his corpse in a comedic fashion. The Joker electrocutes a man and there are several shots of his charred and blackened corpse. The Joker stabs somebody in the throat with a quill pen. The Joker carries a pistol and uses it many times throughout the film. Many people are killed throughout the film using the Joker's lethal laughing gas, which leaves a grotesque grin on their face. This includes a mass gassing attempt on the street with giant balloons filled with the gas, but Batman manages to remove them from the area with his Batwing. The Joker is seen gleefully cutting out photographs of dead bodies from war journals. The Joker wears a flower that shoots acid. We see the scars on his mistress' face which are presumably the result of an acid attack. One of the Joker's men attacks Batman using twin swords. Another one attempts to do a flying kick into Batman after activating retractable blades that extend from the bottom of his boots. Another of the Joker's men attacks Batman with a heavy chain. A factory full of the Joker's henchmen is blown up, and the occupants are presumably killed in the blast. The Joker shoots down the Batwing, and when Batman emerges from the flaming wreckage his face has several bloody gashes on it. These injuries can clearly be seen on his face for the remaining duration of the film. Batman knocks out one of the Joker's thugs by hitting him in the crotch with a telescopic melee weapon that extends from his glove. At the end of the film Batman brutally beats up the Joker. He punches him repeatedly and at one point smashes his head through a wall. The Joker's face is bloodied and bruised from this, and he is seen spitting mouthfuls of blood onto the floor. The Joker plummets to his death at the end of the film. We do not see him hit the ground, but we get a lingering shot of his broken corpse partially embedded in the pavement below, with some blood around the head area.
profanity 2/10 2 uses of "shit", 2 uses of "bitch".
alcohol 3/10 Two muggers are seen counting their loot on a rooftop. One of them is smoking a cigarette. Eckhardt is shown smoking a cigar, which he aggressively flicks at Knox. There is a party scene where characters are seen drinking champagne. Grissom gulps down a glassful of whisky and is seen reaching for the bottle to pour himself a refill. The Joker is seen drinking a martini when Alicia returns from her shopping trip. Harvey Dent is seen smoking.
frightening 6/10 The Joker shakes a man's hand with some sort of electric buzzer that not only shocks the man, but fries him to a charred crisp. The blackened, skeletal corpse is then seen for quite some time as the Joker talks to it. This film has a dark tone. Batman can appear frightening at times and of course, Joker will unsettle the audience. Gotham City is dark and oppressive and its occupants are terror-stricken by the Joker's reign. The overall atmosphere is quite bleak and intimidating. Joker hijacks a television broadcast signal to deliver his threat about a deadly poison he has included in household consumer products, which he claims have been already sold in significant quantities to the public, causing a mass panic. The Joker's grin is unnatural-looking and will likely frighten children. In certain scenes he wears skin-coloured make-up (his own skin is permanently bleached white) which drips off when his face is splashed by water. The scene where Alicia removes her mask to reveal her acid-scarred face is quite scary for young kids. There are numerous tense and suspenseful scenes which some people may find unsettling. Batman himself is very dark and mysterious in this film. He often lurks out of sight in the shadows, then appears out of nowhere to take down a bad guy. He also murders countless henchmen over the film's time. His presence is quite intimidating and might frighten small children. Some of the fight scenes are quite brutal. Especially one towards the end of the film where a particularly large Joker thug wearing sunglasses goes berserk and almost kills Batman, at one point slamming him into a wall and repeatedly punching him. Total: 24/50 Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action violence, some disturbing images, and language/innuendo. Recommended for ages 13+

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