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Trapped behind enemy lines. A whole army after him... And only one man can save him.

Jul 21,1988

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Action | War

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Length: 105 Minute(s)
Lt. Col. Iceal "Ham" Hambleton is a weapons countermeasures expert and when his aircraft is shot over enemy territory the Air Force very much wants to get him back. Hambleton knows the area he's in is going to be carpet-bombed but a temporary shortage of helicopters causes a delay. Working with an Air Force reconnaissance pilot, Capt. Bartholomew Clark, he maps out an escape route.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A man talks once about "getting laid".
violence Spoiler: A plane is shot down and everyone on it dies except for Gene Hackman. We do not see the others die though. A plane bombs a Vietnamese army base and we see men fall from a distance. We also see a wounded man shot in the head by his comrades, some blood sprays. Gene Hackman gets in a fight with a Vietnamese villager. The villager cuts his knee and Gene Hackman shoots and accidentally kills him. This scene is very depressing. Gene Hackman limps for the rest of the film and blood is seen on his knee. Two helicopters Attack a village; we see many Veit Cong fall. Maybe Spoiler: One of the helicopters goes down. The Veit Cong run to it and shoot most of the soldiers in the head. Some blood sprays and we see a hole dripping with blood from one of the dead bodies. Only two men survive and are taken to the Veit Cong village. One is wounded and needs assistance from the other. The Veit Cong shoot the wounded man in the head and we see blood. Spoiler: A man is forced to walk a mine field. He steps on a mine and it blows up, his legs are extremely bloody. He then spits tobacco in a guard's eye and the guard shoots him in the head, blood is seen. Gene Hackman shoots the guard and kills him. The whole village is later blown up by a helicopter while civilians are still inside. Gene Hackman and Danny Glover are running while the area is being bombed. We see the Vietnamese chasing them, and many Vietnamese get killed. One shoots Danny Glover in the arm and we see a small bloody bullet hole. We also see a Veit Cong soldier running from the explosions. One explosion happens in front of him and we see him fly to the side in slow motion missing his arm. Where his arm used to be is a little bloody and you can see some shredded skin on it.
profanity 1 f-word, 20 or so s-words, 15 or so a-words. SOB is used a few times.
alcohol A man goes into a bar and orders a drink, but doesn't finish it. Another man repeatedly smokes. When the helicopter pilot sees that Gene Hackman and Danny Glover are safe, he offers to buy them drinks.
frightening The whole movie is very suspenseful. The minefield scene is extremely suspenseful and intense. Recommended Age: +13

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