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She doesn't give an F.

May 16,2011

Hollywood Movies | Comedy

Ratings: 5.4 / 10 from

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Length: 92 Minute(s)
A lazy, incompetent middle school teacher who hates her job and her students is forced to return to her job to make enough money for a boob job after her rich fiancé dumps her.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 7/10 Two characters dry hump. There is some sexual talk and moans, and afterwards the male character has a wet stain on his crotch. Sexual references towards 8th grade students, "I caught him getting a hand job off some girl" A woman visits a cosmetic surgeon and a woman's naked breasts are shown as an example of his work and they are felt by another woman. Bare-breasted women in National Geographic and computer generated images of herself with larger breasts and nipples. A poster-sized photo of bare female buttocks is shown. A student brings a porn magazine to school (bare breasts are visible on the cover of one magazine as the principal puts them in a file drawer).
violence 2/10 A women throws dodgeballs at her students, that is if they got the answer wrong. A woman is arrested at the end, and pushed agenst the wall (played for laughs). A police car accidentally hits another car (the driver was distracted by a women washing the cars, in a sexual manner). In a Movie-Within-A-Movie Sequence, (From the 1996 film "SCREAM") a man is stabbed multiple times (Shown Briefly).
profanity 7/10 37 F-words, 10 sexual references, 1 sexually suggestive hand gesture, 17 uses of shit, 21 anatomical terms, 5 mild obscenities, the words "tits" & "titties" are used throughout the movie
alcohol 7/10 A teacher smokes a small bong in her car at school and she tells an approaching student that she is using medicinal drugs. Two other scenes show her using a large bong at home. A teacher asks another teacher to "Let's get baked," they take a marijuana cigarette into the gym during a school dance, invite another teacher to join them and all three smoke and one teacher rolls her eyes and giggles as the scene ends. We see a close up of a popping Champagne cork and three dozen teachers in a teachers' lounge drinking from Champagne glasses. One teacher constantly talks to other teachers about going to have a drink and getting drunk, four bar scenes depict men and women drinking from beer bottles and glasses. One bar scene shows a man and a woman drinking cocktails and wine. A woman pours something into a man's last drink in a bar from a small bottle and they go to his office where he passes out on top of the copy machine. A teacher has a false bottom in one of her desk drawers where she hides small bottles of liquor, pills and marijuana and while showing her classes movies, she drinks alcohol. A teacher is seen smoking a cigarette while driving.
frightening Rated R for strong sexual content, nudity, strong language and drug use. Suitable for 16+

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