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If You Want to be Understood...Listen

Sep 08,2006

Hollywood Movies | Drama

Ratings: 6.7 / 10 from

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Size: 700 MB
Length: 143 Minute(s)
Resolution: 720p ,1080p Bluray

Tragedy strikes a married couple on vacation in the Moroccan desert, touching off an interlocking story involving four different families.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 9/10 Due to the fact that there are a few scenes of female lower nudity (where the vagina is seen closely) and one scene that depicts full frontal female nudity, this movie has been given a high rating for sexual content. At 4:00, a young boy watches a young girl (which is his sister) undress. We only see her back so this is not graphic at all. At 6:28, we see a young boy pull down his pants and proceed to masturbate. He is seen moving his hand and having an expression of pleasure. There is no nudity. At 20:48, a bunch of young women are seen in a locker room in their underwear. There is no nudity. At 26:30, a girl takes off her panties and says, "The boys are going to see the real hairy monster." She is implying her vagina. At 27:05-27:40, a girl spreads her legs so that a group of boys can see her vagina. We see her labia and her pubic hair. Her vagina is clearly seen and she shows it three times. This entire scene contains female lower nudity and is extremely graphic. At 45:10, a young girl licks a mans face in a seductive manner. She then puts his hand on her groan, but he pulls away. At 48:10, we see a young girl in her bra. Later, we see a commercial of another girl in her underwear jumping around. These scenes are very brief. At 49:32, we see a young girl flash her vagina at her friend. We see mostly her pubic hair which covers most of her groan area. Her friend then does the same but we do not see her vagina. This scene is graphic but it is brief. At 1:41:04-1:42:00, we see a young woman completely naked. Her breasts, nipples, and vagina (which is covered by pubic hair) are clearly seen. She then proceeds to put a mans hand on her breast. We see her breasts from a very close angle and see her vagina in about three scenes. This entire scene is extremely graphic. Full frontal female nudity is shown. At 1:58:58, we see a young womans breast twice and her butt once. We only see a glimpse of both. At 2:14:35, a father finds his daughter completely naked. We see her butt twice. This is not very graphic. There are a handful of passionate kissing scenes.
violence 6.5/10 At around 8:00, we see two young boys shooting at a bus. The bus stops and we hear screams coming from inside the vehicle. At 19:05, Susan is shot in the upper shoulder. Blood is seen pouring out of the wound. At 35:19, a man kills a chicken by ringing it neck and then pulls the head clean off. We see blood squirt and then the chicken begins to run around without its head. This is all done in front of children. At 35:40-44:15, we see Susan with blood covering her arm and the floor. She is heard groaning in pain. She is later seen being carried to a doctor. Her entire upper body is covered in blood. A doctor looks at the wound and begins to stitch it up while she is awake. At around 54:50, a police officer beats an older man in order to get information from him. He is seen threatening and slapping the old man. We then see the same police offer threaten to cut off a young boys testicles if he is lying. At 1:19:32, a shootout takes place. A young boy is shot in the leg and blood can be seen coming out of the wound. Another boy then begins to fire back at the police. The same shootout is seen at 1:42:50. The same young boy is shot in the back and presumed dead.
profanity 5/10 There are 14 uses of F*ck, 2 uses of Motherf*cker, 2 uses of Ass, 2 uses of Assh*le, 2 uses of Sh*t, 1 Obscene Gesture, and a few instances of Religious Curses.
alcohol 2.5/10 There is some social drinking at a wedding party. An older woman gives Susan a pipe which seems to relax her. Some teenagers drink whiskey and take illegal drugs. None of the things stated above is graphic in any shape or form.
frightening 6/10 At 1:19:31 and 1:42:30, there is a shootout. From 1:22:50-1:30:28, there is a very intense scene which involves the border patrol. There are a few intense moments throughout the film. Most of these are seen in the Violence & Gore section. All this brought to you by:

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