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Torn apart by betrayal. Separated by war. Bound by love.

Aug 29,2007

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Romance

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Length: 123 Minute(s)
As a 13-year-old, fledgling writer Briony Tallis irrevocably changes the course of several lives when she accuses her older sister's lover of a crime he did not commit.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A woman is shown stripping down to her undergarments (which are extensive given the time period) and jumping in a fountain. She comes out dripping wet. Her clothes are very slightly transparent. A man is watching, is embarrassed, and turns to look away. The scene is shown a second time in greater proximity. A sexually descriptive sentence about oral sex is mentioned and shown in writing a few times. A couple make out and then have sex up against a bookshelf. They're still fully clothed. A girl enters, sees them, and interrupts.The scene is shown a second time in greater proximity and much greater length. A girl is shown lying in the woods, presumably after being raped. A man runs away, back to the camera.
violence A young man finds many dead school-aged girls, with bloody bullet holes in their heads and faces lying in woods. While searching dark woods a young girl finds a man holding a teenage girl on the ground with his hand over her mouth and forcing himself on her (we see the man's bare buttocks); he gets up and runs away when he realizes they have been seen, the teenage girl cries and we see her with bruises on her face and wrists, which might have been caused by the attack. We see many wounded soldiers in a hospital: one has a bloody bandage on his head and when it is removed we see a large hole with his brain exposed (we see him die); another is bandaged and missing an arm, another has a gaping wound in his abdomen and he vomits blood into a bucket, and one is badly burned (we see charred skin). During a bombing a large wave of water flows through the tunnels of a subway where people are hiding and the people are killed (we see some bodies floating). We hear a horse whinnying and then a shot, then we see a few horses being shot and they fall to the ground (there's no blood); it is not clear if they were injured or just being killed so that the enemy doesn't capture them. A man lies dead and we hear he suffered from septicemia A man has a large bloody wound on his chest, which does not appear to be healing. We hear that three ships were bombed by enemy aircraft, that 3,000 men were killed, and we see many wounded soldiers, we see soldiers stumbling around in delirium, and we see others drinking alcohol and in a stupor. A man threatens to kill a young woman and another young woman holds him back. A girl falls into a lake and a young man panics and jumps in to retrieve her (she is fine) and becomes angry when he realizes that she was testing him. Soldiers walk through a burned out village (some flames are still burning), and run through tall grass toward a beach where many other soldiers are gathered and waiting to be rescued by ships.
profanity 14 "Fuck", 6 "Cunt" (all written), 1 scatological term and 2 blasphemies. The word cunt, although never spoken, plays a very important role in the story.
alcohol Many smoking scenes. There is social drinking and some soldiers are seen drunk in a bar.
frightening Intense war sequences. The hospital scene showing many wounded soldiers is extremely gruesome and intense, but the camera doesn't linger on the gore. Horses are shot. Many heated arguments. A main character dies from blood poisoning and is found dead holding a picture of where he and his love would live. A main female character drowns underground in a subway. She lifts her head as the water comes; we see her dead body eerily float under water

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