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Like father. Like son. Like hell.

Apr 18,1986

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Crime

Ratings: 6 / 10 from

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Length: 111 Minute(s)
Based upon the true story of Bruce Johnston Sr., his son, and his brothers; together, they constituted one of suburban Philadelphia's most notorious crime families during the 1970's. Their criminal activities ranged from burglary, theft... and ultimately, murder.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A couple wake up in a bed without clothes, it is obvious they had sex, but you don't see or hear anything. A girl is taken to a room where she is obviously raped, though you don't hear or see anything, you can see her clothes being taken off in violently. There a scene where some characters go into a strip club and you can see a woman's breast while she dances and others are clapping and screaming.
violence One character gets shot in the face. There is a man being being drowned. There is a rooster fight. There are 3 characters shot to death. There is a character shot to death in a car. In the same car there is another character who is shot but is not dead though he is covered in blood. A character has a gun and points it to a man and shots it near him.
alcohol There are a few scenes where characters drink and smoke cigs. Terry's friend Jill smokes a joint in front of Terry and Brad. There's one scene where a Brad smokes a joint with his brother in his house while watching tv. Two characters smoke and pass a joint to each other while a woman watches them. Another scene where Brad's friends smoke a joint at a quarry. Brad and his dad smoke and pass a joint to each other when talking about the job. There's a scene where a character buys wacky tobacky (weed) off another character.

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