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In the shadows of life, In the business of death, One man found a reason to live...
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Length: 132 Minute(s)
Assassin Robert Rath arrives at a funeral to kill a prominent mobster, only to witness a rival hired gun complete the job for him -- with grisly results. Horrified by the murder of innocent bystanders, Rath decides to take one last job and then return to civilian life. But finding his way out of the world of contract killing grows ever more dangerous as Rath falls for his female target and becomes a marked man himself.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A kiss and a couple of hugs
violence A man puts a gun to the side of another man's head, camera cuts to the killer and a bullet shot is heard, camera cuts to shot of man's dead body falling into a swamp. A man in a wheelchair is shot in the chest three times, bloody bullet wounds are seen. A bodyguard is shot dead, no blood is seen. A man dislocates his own thumb. A man snaps a cop's neck. A man shoots two cop's in a car each once in the head, no blood is seen but two bullet holes in the windscreen are. A man punches a taxi driver in the head and knocks him out before stealing his cab. A man and woman are seen kissing in a corridor, another man walks up behind them and shoots the man twice in the lower back and the woman twice in the stomach killing both of them, a man walks out of a nearby door and is shot as well. A man bursts into a hotel room and shoots four men dead, there are bloody close-up shots of a man being shot in the chest and one being shot in the stomach. A man slams a woman against a door. A man is seen to be shot on a TV screen as his death is captured by a CCTV camera, then there are shots of the blood stained wall behind him a few scenes later. A woman is shot in the back, bloody bullet wound seen. There is an explosion and a man falls three storeys to the ground below. A man in a black and white flashback is shot in the chest. A man is shot in his lower back, another man is shot in his leg while the first man is again shot but this time in the shoulder. There is a close-up of a man's hand dripping with blood. A man falls several storeys to the ground floor of an old hotel, his bloodied face is seen. A man is repeatedly shot by in the torso by two other men, various bullet wounds appear over his stomach, chest and shoulders. A man crawls over to a man's body and shoots it through the head to 'make sure' off screen. Rath shoots Miguel several times in the chest, various bloody bullet wounds are seen as his blood covered body falls to the floor.
profanity About 35 F-words, some scatological references, and many mild obscenities.
alcohol Several character's are seen drinking in casual settings.
frightening Several violent shootings, especially the climax is intense. Miguel is a psychopath who kills several innocent people throughout the movie, this might be upsetting to some viewers.

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