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Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes

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Oct 17,2011

Hollywood Movies | Horror

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Length: 91 Minute(s)
Documentary covering the famous 'demonic possession' case of Anneliese Michel. The film features authentic footage of 'exorcisms' and other shocking events, considered to be the inspiration of the film The Exorcism of Emily Rose.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 36:52 to 37:04 Anneliese reveals her breasts to the people who are in the room with her. Some Strong Sex References throughout the movie.
violence Anneliese is shoved onto the bed by the priest. A man is seen with three scratches on his cheek. Anneliese dies at the end of the movie. A man grabs Anneliese by her hair and throws her to the ground, and then pulls her back up again. He repeats this a several times. A man injects Anneliese. Anneliese stabs a man with a knife.
profanity A few curses are said by Anneliese. And a few other curses are said by the other characters.
alcohol None
frightening A spider is seen crawling out of Anneliese's mouth. Anneliese crawls down the stairs. It says at the end that Anneliese Michel died on the 1st July 1976. There's a scene where we hear a audio recording of Anneliese. Some scenes may scare or disturb some young viewers.

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