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The game is far from over.

Apr 06,2001

Hollywood Movies | Action | Crime | Thriller | Mystery

Ratings: 5.9 / 10 from

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Length: 104 Minute(s)
When a teacher kidnaps a girl from a prestigious school, homicide detective, Alex Cross takes the case and teams up with young security agent, Jezzie Flannigan in hope of finding the girl and stopping the brutal psychopath. Every second counts as Alex and Jezzie attempt to track down the kidnapper before the spider claims another victim for its web.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Within this Parents Guide, contains individual section - total explicit content out of 10 and then each statement contains an amount of impact (low, medium or high) all within accordance to it's (MPAA) rating of 'R' [Please note, at the end of this Parents Guide is a Total out of 50; young children to adult viewing advisory]: 3/10 A woman is riding in a car with a man, and he demands oral sex, including sexual references. They do not go through with it however due to being disrupted. [Low; slightly disturbing]
violence 8/10 A girl is abruptly kidnapped. [Low; sudden and intense] A woman is strangled to death with a lamp cord. [Low; scary] A man is shot several times in the chest. Moderate amount of blood splatter. [Medium; sudden] There are several other shootings with varying degrees of blood. [Low - Medium; depending but nothing graphic] A man is shot point blank in the forehead. Not too much blood. [High; graphic but only borderline] A man is shot at close ranged with a shotgun. [Medium; borderline high due to this scene's context] A woman is shot at point black range, directly in the heart with clear opening and blood dripping. [High, graphic]
profanity 5/10 Fuck, shit, hell, damn, cock, bitch, etc... are all used throughout, however not frequently or aggressively. Some used sexually and with it's variants; only a moderate amount (if that) is used for an R rating. Generally, this would not have been considered to be strong 'R' language. > All [Low - medium, depending on the individual scene and context; none frequent, aggressive or graphic in anyway. If anything, high PG-13 rated language]
alcohol 1/10 Several characters smoke at various places during the movie, if any. [Low]
frightening 9/10 (See Violence and Gore above). A man kidnaps a young girl. (No sexual or pedophile intentions) [Low; sudden and intense (as mentioned earlier)] A young girl jumps off a boat and tries to swim to shore. [Low, mildly intense] A woman shoots through the wall in a barn attempting to kill a child. The child is not harmed. [Medium; intense/shock] Most of the intense and scary scenes (listed), are just that! Some graphic scenes of violence (as mentioned), mainly contributing to it's (MPAA) rating of R. The ones listed as high, are also close-up and contain blood splatter or spurts with open holes in human flesh. Overall, R rating justified by the context(s) involved within this film. Scary and chilling 'Thriller'. [MPAA Rating: 'R' for Violence and Language] {THIS IS AN "IMDb" ADVISORY ONLY} TOTAL: 26/50 (Recommended for persons aged 12+; this however, does contradict the MPAA 'R' rating of 'persons under 17 require accompanying by an adult guardian'. There was no necessary reason to adjust the given explicit content ratings out of 10, to make the total higher to match the MPAA's R rating; so this stands as is - for people over 12 y/o). TOTAL Guide: 1-10: Children; (some scenes may contain mildly inappropriate material) 11-20: Parental Guidance recommended 21-30: Recommended for persons aged 12+ 31-40: Suitable only for persons aged 15+; (high teenager) 41-50: Adults only; (not suitable for people under 18 or 17)

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