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A Mighty Heart

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One woman dared to keep hope alive

Jan 01,2007

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Thriller

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Length: 100 Minute(s)
Based on Mariane Pearl's account of the terrifying and unforgettable story of her husband, Wall Street Journal reporter Danny Pearl's life and death.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity -A husband and wife lie in bed together. They kiss as he moves on top of her. It's implied that they have sex. (We see her holding onto him.) -A pregnant woman is shown in bed with her husband. Her bare belly is exposed. He talks to it and they kiss. -A woman bathes in a bubble bath with only her head and bare belly visible. -A bare-chested man is shown from the waist up. -A brief shot at a nightclub where a woman lifts a skirt above her knees as a man watches and admires her. -A woman screams during childbirth. We see her bare legs and a baby emerging from between them covered in blood and goo.
violence -A man is shown hanging from his wrists, presumably nude, while being questioned, and the man quivers and whimpers. -A man walking along a street is grabbed by police and taken to a cell where he sits and is slapped in the face. A man is arrested by police and struggles, he's carried out, one officer holding each of his arms, as he thrashes back and forth. Police break into the home of a man, they take the man out and gunfire is exchanged (no bodies or injuries are shown; the scene is chaotic and it is hard to discern what else is going on). A man is carried out of a building by police, screaming "God is great!" repeatedly. There are scenes of people being arrested forcibly. -Several men sit in a room watching a tape of a man's execution(they react with disgust) and we are told that the man was beheaded. A woman imagines the torture and murder of her husband(we do not see anything). She is later told the he was cut into ten pieces. -We see photographs of a man with chains on his wrists, and another with a man holding a gun to the man's head. -A television is shown playing news clips depicting inhumane conditions faced by Guantanamo Bay prisoners: several prisoners are shown being handled by guards and a message from kidnappers states that their hostage will be subjected to the same inhumane treatment unless the conditions in Guantanamo change; if they do not, the kidnappers threaten to kill the hostage. There's footage of Middle Eastern warfare, which includes bombs, explosions, missiles being launched and troops in combat. -We hear that after trying to escape a man was chained to the motor of a car as a method of torture. Men are told over the phone that a man's body has been found and that it is in the morgue. An official makes a remark that he'd like to "hang them up by their feet and beat them with sticks." A man is warned by several people to be careful when meeting with another man and that as long as he is in a public place he'll be fine. Remarks are made about purifying Islam through violence. There are discussions of deplorable treatment of detainees by Americans. There are discussions of violent acts: The bombing of the Word Trade Center, the 9/11 attacks, etc. We read that several people were sentenced to lengthy jail terms, and one was hanged. -A woman screams during labor and childbirth and we see the baby emerging between her legs and covered with blood and goo. A pregnant woman grimaces and complains of pain. -A voiceover mentions a religious tradition that involves every family sacrificing an animal and cutting it into three pieces, and a man is shown holding a knife against a goat's neck (we do not see the animal being killed). -A man is pushed down into a street, he gets up and is OK. Police search through a woman's home after her husband has not returned from a meeting and she becomes increasingly uncomfortable with the invasion of their privacy. A wife worries about the whereabouts of her husband when he does not return home from a meeting.
profanity 18 F-words, 5 scatological terms, 1 anatomical term, 1 mild obscenity, several anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim references, name-calling (psychos), 3 religious exclamations.
alcohol People drink wine at a dinner party. A man holds a bottle of wine. Men are shown smoking cigarettes in one scene.
frightening The violence/torture scenes may frightening/intense to viewers. The scene of childbirth maybe intense for most viewers. A woman screams in agony and grief after learning of her husband's murder.

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