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Out of the sky comes the screen's most incredible spectacle of men and war!

Jun 15,1977

Hollywood Movies | Drama | War | History

Ratings: 6.4 / 10 from

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Length: 175 Minute(s)
Tells the story of operation Market Garden. A failed attempt by the allies in the latter stages of WWII to end the war quickly by securing three bridges in Holland allowing access over the Rhine into Germany. A combination of poor allied intelligence and the presence of two crack German panzer divisions meant that the final part of this operation (the bridge in Arnhem over the Rhine) was doomed to failure.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity None. A nude statue in the background (not in focus).
violence Violence/Gore: 8/10 This movie is very bloody and violent, though not entirely gory. Definitely on at least a PG-13 level. An attacking army try to storm a town, mostly using machine gun mounted trucks. The defenders fire with grenade launchers, machine guns and rifles. In a close up shot, a defender gets shot in the arm and we see blood. He grabs at the wound, but then continues shooting. We get a shot of the defenders shooting, with a few bodies hanging limp over the side of buildings. One defender gets shot directly in the face and we see blood splatter. Meanwhile, the entire attacking force is literally wiped out. They all get machine gunned, and we see blood splatter. The commander of the attackers gets shrapnel ripped into his shoulder by a grenade and we see a lot of blood, and he then burns to death when his vehicle catches on fire (he dies slowly). An attacking army gets on boats and crosses a river to storm a beach. The defending soldiers open fire with tanks and machine guns. Several of the attackers, surging forward on their boats, are gunned down. Several men get shot in the face and torso, and blood splatters everywhere. We then see their dead, bullet riddled and bloodied bodies. One tank fires and blows up a boat killing all the men inside it. The river runs red with blood. The attackers reach the beach and overwhelm the defenders, but we see plenty of dead bodies and blood on the beach. Two soldiers try to run for cover. One gets shrapnel ripped into his neck and torso by a grenade. The scene is up close, and there is a lot of blood splattering. The other reaches cover but another grenade blows him out of his. A third soldiers tries to run for cover, and another grenade is thrown. Both of his legs get riddled with shrapnel with a lot of blood. We see him on the ground screaming and clutching his legs. This scene is very violent. There are several scenes of the wounded. We see very bloodied men, a couple without limbs. One soldier, who's eye was shot out, has a very bloody bandage around his eye. Several men cough. Soldiers limp and cannot walk right, and several are just in agony. The medic performs surgeries on men, with bloody results. Very disturbing. A man gets machine gunned in the back, but no blood. We soon learn that he is paralyzed as a result. An innocent child gets killed by a tank's machine gun. We see a little blood running down his neck and his father holding him. Paratroopers land, but are ambushed by a defending army and over half of their force is wiped out. We see blood splatter then they are hit. A defending army hopelessly tries to hold out against a much larger force of men and tanks. Several soldiers on both sides are killed, with a lot of blood. We see tanks driving through buildings and machine gunning soldiers. An elderly woman gets a burst of machine gun fired into her--no blood. Children and families are put in danger. Several are killed in the crossfires.
profanity Profanity: 5/10 -1 F-bomb -9 Goddamns -A few Shits -A few Sons of Bitches -A few Hells -A few Damns -A few Asses -A few Bastards
alcohol Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking: 3/10 A lot of soldiers drink and smoke, but never get drunk. A character is always seen with a cigar in his mouth.
frightening Intense Scenes: 5/10 The scenes of the wounded can be a little intense. We see amputees, and medics and soldiers covered in blood. Today, movie would be rated PG-13 for some strong war violence and brief strong language.

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