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9 Days (2013)

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May 28,2013

Hollywood Movies | Thriller | Horror

Ratings: 4 / 10 from

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Length: 83 Minute(s)
A dark, twisted retelling of "Dante's Inferno," done in the torture-porn style of "Hostel" and "High Tension." To escape her abusive foster home, headstrong 18-year-old Danielle Hitches a Ride with an affable psycho who calls himself Virgil and has an axe to grind against women based on his warped religious beliefs. She realizes she hasn't quite found her knight in shining armor when she awakens half-naked, chained to a post in Virgil's basement. As Virgil, puts Danielle through a sadistic "moral cleansing" of debauched torture sessions that could kill her at any moment, she must choose either to fight back or to become as inhuman and deranged as Virgil himself. What Virgil doesn't know is that Danielle may be more than up to the challenge of his psychotic head games.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity It is implied that a girl is sexual abused by her foster parents. A woman is shown taking off her clothes for a bath. Her breasts and butt are visible. When she gets out of the shower, her pubic area is visible. A woman is forced to strip off all of her clothes, her breasts and butt visible. When she gets out of the tub, her pubic hair is briefly visible. A man is shown looking at pornography on the internet. Nothing is shown but sounds can be heard.
violence A man kidnaps a woman by knocking her out with chloroform. He shackles her to a post. When she wakes up, he knocks her out by punching her in the face. A woman repeatedly punches another woman, who becomes bloody about the face and hands. A man is shown sewing a woman's back from a wound. Some blood. A woman is tortured with an electrical shock. A woman has her head dunked under water as torture. A man talks about a dream, which is shown, where he repeatedly beats up a woman with a rock. Lots of blood. A woman beats up another woman. A man and woman flog themselves with a whip. They both become very bloody. A woman hits a man in the head with a hammer. Lots of blood trickles down from his wound. She then shackles him, kicks him, and whips him repeatedly. Lots of blood on his face. A woman kills her step father by hitting him over the head with a hammer.
profanity Lots of swearing, mostly the "f" word. A few times the "f" word is used in reference to sex.
alcohol A woman is forced to drink alcohol.

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