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Their only weapon is the truth.

Apr 14,2011

Hollywood Movies | Drama | War

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Length: 113 Minute(s)
Inspired by the real events of the swift--but devastating--five-day war between Russia and Georgia in 2008, 5 Days of War centers around an American journalist (Rupert Friend) and his cameraman (Richard Coyle) caught in the combat zone during the first Russian airstrikes against Georgia. Rescuing Tatia (Emmanuelle Chriqui), a young Georgian schoolteacher separated from her family during the attack, the two reporters agree to help reunite her with her family in exchange for serving as their interpreter. As the three attempt to escape to safety, they witness--and document--the devastation from the full-scale crossfire and cold-blooded murder of innocent civilians.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity In the beginning, a conversation in the car, sex was mentioned.
violence At the beginning while driving into the crossfire zone, you can see gunshots and people in the car getting shot. Blood is squirted on the camera lens and the girl that got shot didn't survive. During the party, there was a bomb raid[Air raid], missiles were launched and one man's arm got amputated and you see it but it is seen for <8 secs in total. A boy's legs were seen amputated as well. <5 secs. Blood is almost everywhere on the ground. In the river, a woman got shot several times in the leg. 2 Man got slit in the throat after they kneed down. Gunfire execution is seen at the background for a few seconds. One man had his nose jabbed by a rifle butt and his nose is seen bleeding and is quite bloody, they did not treat him or clean away the blood. During a pursue on a vehicle, a woman stood up and she got shot twice and falls off the vehicle, blood is seen oozing out.
profanity A middle finger is shown at the beginning when "are you good in sex"(something like that) was asked. During a military road block while attempting to send casualties to the hospital, the driver mentioned the F word several times. F-ing Crazy Mother F Shut the F up I swear i F-ing left (him here) Swearing thorough whole movie
alcohol A few men are seen drinking beer and smoking in a restaurant.

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