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10 to Midnight (1983)

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A cop... A killer... A deadline.

Mar 11,1983

Hollywood Movies | Crime | Thriller

Ratings: 5.9 / 10 from

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Length: 101 Minute(s)


Based on the real-life Richard Speck murders, amoral, nearly psychotic killer Warren Stacey (Gene Davis) is a serial killer who has murdered a number of women; he stabs them while they are naked to minimize leaving any physical evidence. Police detective Leo Kessler (Charles Bronson) is convinced of Stacey’s guilt and, over the objections of his partner, plants evidence to get him behind bars. When Stacey is released on a technicality, he threatens to go after Kessler and his family, leaving Kessler to defend himself against a killer with little help from the police.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity R- Sequences of Nudity, Violence, Sexuality and Language frequent sex and nudity throughout the film. the film is about a serial killer who strips naked before killing his victims. his butt is clearly seen many times and occasional glimpses of his pubic hair and genitals. a couple have sex in a van. the womans breasts are visible and the mans butt is seen. mild thrusting and moaning. the woman runs nude through the woods and her pubic hair is briefly seen. a couple are seen having sex in a closet. the mans butt and testicles can briefly be seen. the woman sits up and her breasts are seen. a woman is seen in a shower. her breats are seen. some graphic sexual dialouge. in one scene an odd sex toy is shown. it has an artificial vagina attached to some kind of motor.
violence a woman and her boyfriend are stabbed to death. not very graphic or bloody. the woman is stabbed against a tree and only her screaming face is seen. a woman is stabbed in the stomach. blood sprays onto a white cupboard. three woman are killed in their dorm. the stabbings arent graphic but much blood is seen smeared around the room. one woman who is in the shower is seen holding her bloodied stomach and sliding down the shower wall. the killer is shot in the forehead resulting in a bloody bullet wound. the killer is covered in blood during some of his murders. alot of threats and some harassment.
profanity scenes of strong language. in one scene the killer harrases a girl on the phone with strong sexual language. he talks about oral sex and anal sex.
alcohol some smoking and drinking. one scene features a character smoking marijuana.
frightening the film is about a serial killer so many will find it scary or intense. the murder scenes, especially the triple murder at the end will disturb some viewers. not for kids.

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