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The Water Horse (2007)

The Water Horse (2007)

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A lonely boy discovers a mysterious egg that hatches a sea creature of Scottish legend.

Dec 25,2007

Hollywood Movies | Adventure

Ratings: 7 / 10 from

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Size: 700 MB
Length: 111 Minute(s)
Resolution: 640X272

A lonely boy discovers a mysterious egg that hatches a sea creature of Scottish legend.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 1/10 A man and a woman kiss and engage in a relationship. A woman enters a man's room; he is wearing a sleeveless shirt and she is apparently embarassed by it.
violence 5/10 Soldiers are shown firing cannon bombs at the water horse. A deer is shown lying dead on the ground after being killed by hunters. A dog is supposedly eaten by the water horse. Nothing is seen or heard. Several characters are picked up in the clearly angry water horse's toothy mouth, and flung about. The water horse purposely capsizes a boat filled with men. There are no scenes with blood or gore except for minor scratches.
profanity 3/10 3 mild obscenities, name-calling (daft beast, spy, coward, deserter), 3 religious exclamations. several uses of "bloody".
alcohol 6/10 Plenty of smoking and drinking throughout. A man drinks alcohol from a flask in the morning, and another man makes a remark about him being dizzy. Men and women are shown drinking alcohol at a dinner. Men are shown drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes in a pub scene. A woman is seen smoking a cigarette and drinking alcohol. Two men are shown smoking cigars and cigarettes.
frightening 6/10 There are some intense scenes that may frighten and confuse younger children. After bombs are shot at it, the water horse is angry and lashes out at the people in the film, including the young protagonist who does eventually get the creature to recognize him and treat him as his friend. Being a large, loud, "monster-ish" being, these scenes are scary. There is a part of the film where it appears the protagonist, a young boy, has drowned. The bombing scenes are loud and explicit. Men shoot at the creature with automatic weapons. Total: 21/50 - Rated PG for some action/peril, mild language, and smoking/drinking. This film is ok for children of about 8 years old and over; some scenes might be a little intense and/or frightening for younger children.

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